Ranked: 10 Most Expensive & Unbelievable NFTS

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were undoubtedly the “next big thing” in 2021.  And even though we're in a bear market, 2022 has continued the momentum of last year for NFTs.

So, what’s with all the hype?

NFTs are unique tokens that act like collectors’ items (but they never get dusty).  With NFTs, you may hit the jackpot and have a digital asset in high demand fetching millions of dollars.

10 Most Expensive & Unbelievable NFTs of 2022

10. Save Thousands of Lives: $4.5M Created by Noora Health The revenue went to the organization’s effort to save babies’ lives.

9. This Changed Everything: $5.4M Sold via Sotheby’s art marketplace This Changed Everything is an NFT of the source code for one of the first iterations of the World Wide Web.

8. Crossroad: $6.6M Created by Mike Winkelmann NFT shows a giant former U.S. President Donald Trump lying in a field while onlookers casually pass by.

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