Protect Your Portfolio as the Russian Invasion Increases Inflation And Volatility

Inflation rates in the United States rose over 7.5% during the last 30 days; the fastest jump in inflation over the previous 40 years. 

Now that Russia has attacked Ukraine, inflation may continue to snowball. In addition, global stock markets have been rocked with uncertainty. 

How bad is the current situation, and what can we do to protect our portfolio from increased inflation and volatility? 

Higher Oil Prices

Russia is one of the largest oil producers globally and ships more than any nation other than Saudi Arabia. On February 28, 2022, the United States Treasury placed sanctions against the Central Bank of Russia for the first time in history.

Agricultural Products

Russia and Ukraine account for 25% of global grains trade. The military exercise by Russia may drastically slow or stop wheat production in Ukraine.

Supply Chain Issues

The supply chain was a bottleneck before the Russian invasion, and with the additional restrictions, the movement of goods will take longer and be more expensive, resulting in higher inflation.

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