Pro Athletes Recommend Tracking These 10 Metrics

Elite athletes have a particular incentive to track health metrics to keep them in peak shape and are turning to a new class of smart devices and wearables to monitor everything.

Guava Health compiled a list of health metrics that professional athletes measure, and broke down what they reveal about overall health and athletic performance.

10 Common Health Metrics Pro Athletes Track

Body Composition According to sports doctors, the closer an athlete’s ideal body mass composition is for their sport, the better their performance will be.

Heart Rate Variability HRV measures the gap between heartbeats as they breathe in and out. A high level of HRV is typically indicative of higher levels of aerobic and general fitness.

Respiratory Rate By tracking respiratory rate, athletes will have objective data showing how hard they’re panting, and therefore whether they are truly pushing themselves.

Maximum Oxygen Intake This metric is an important predictor of how fast an endurance runner can go for the totality of their race.