Plan A Staycation This Fall With These Relaxing Ideas

In choosing your next big vacation destination, “nowhere” might not have been at the top of your list. BUT it is a fantastic way to celebrate life with friends and family while reducing some of the stress of travel.

There are several great ways to plan a staycation that is restful, exciting, and fulfilling. We have 4 ideas to help you structure your next staycation! 

4 Relaxing Staycation Ideas

A low-commitment week off around the house - include movie marathons, a bit of intentional couch-potato time, games and activities with the family, and trying out a new hobbies.

1. The Great Indoors

Intentionally spending a few days catching up on bills, housework, phone calls, paperwork, etc., might be a surprisingly effective way for you to return to the office on Monday.

2. To-do List Tourism

Spending a few days being a tourist in your home town or city is a fantastic way to discover new places and forge delightful new experiences.

3. Local Getaway

#4 is our absolute favorite way to plan our staycation!  swipe up for more info


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