Need Cash Fast? 62 Tried & Tested Ideas

From time to time, we all go through periods when we’re in a bind. You may need to pay bills, perhaps unexpected medical bills or car loans with a significant repayment. 

I’ve compiled this list of the 62 best ways to make same-day cash. Using the ideas, apps, and links on the list below, you can find a financial solution to make some money today.  

There are only four ways to make fast cash: – Sell your StuffSell your TimeSell your IdeaSell your Promise

Flip Thrift Store Items

The investment is minimal because most things in thrift stores are only a few dollars. Buy some things, sell them off for a profit.

Donate Plasma

While you can’t get paid for donating blood, you can get paid for donating plasma. Single donations usually pay $40-$70, depending on how much plasma they take. You can donate twice weekly.

Drive People or Food Around

You can make fast money on lift-sharing apps if you have a car and don’t mind driving people around.