Is Tesla Stock A Good Buy?

With the stock market as hot as it is right now, chances are you’re looking for ways to get in on the action.  The Tesla stock has likely crossed your radar several times when surveying potential stocks to pick. 

First Things First: Understand the business aspect of Tesla 

In 2010, Tesla had its IPO (initial public offering). Since then, the company has grown.  If you had invested in Tesla right from the get-go, you would have made over 300x on your money. 

Understand the Terminology

Market Cap, PE ratio, Average Volume, Total Return... We explain the financial jargon so you can make smart investment decisions.

Pros and Cons of Buying Tesla's Stock

Before tossing your money towards anything, it’s crucial to understand the investment’s advantages and disadvantages. We have identified all the pros & cons of buying a Tesla stock.


Though the Tesla stock could make you a millionaire, it could also leave you in ruins if you’re not smart about it. 

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