How I Reached $100K Net Worth at 25... YOU CAN TOO!

Many people work their entire lives and never even have $10k or $100,000 in a savings account, not my wife and I.  We recently hit the $100k net worth milestone.

If we can do it, anyone can! While we may not be the first 25-year-old hundred thousandaires out there, we have a unique story that might resonate with you.

Here’s how we got to where we’re at now.

First Jobs We both lived with our parents for several years after working at Chic-fil-A (our first jobs when we were 17) and I’m sure we spent all the money we saved from the job on random things.

Staying Out of Debt We drive old cars and didn’t accumulate any student loan debt. Other than our mortgage, we have no plans to go into debt on other things.

Low-Cost Wedding We paid less than $10,000 for our wedding and still had an outstanding one. Traveling the world for a year with $50k is so much better than spending it all in one day.

THAT'S NOT ALL! We stayed disciplined about our money and committed to growing wealth through other actions.