Free PayPal Money: 23 Ways to Get Cash Fast

Who doesn’t like free money? The best thing about the digital age is that everyone with internet access can get some free money. There are many different ways you can obtain some free PayPal money.


Mistplay is a popular place to earn points while playing games. You can earn up to 200 points per game you play. After playing games, you will be given a questionnaire to answer questions.



Ibotta is a great cashback app. Ibotta works because you scan your receipt when you shop at a store, and Ibotta gives you cashback.



As of January of 2022, Swagbucks has paid over $665 million in rewards and cashback. There are around 20 different ways to earn money with Swagbucks.



Honey will find coupons to help save you money when you go and buy things. Saving money is a great thing, and the cool part is that Honey gives you cashback. It is called Honey Gold.


My Points

MyPoints is another site like Swagbucks. You do tasks and get paid for completing these tasks. Tasks can include searching for things online, completing surveys, playing games, watching videos, or reading your email.


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