Self-Directed IRAs: The ONLY 101-Guide You Need

If you want to invest in non-traditional assets with your retirement savings, you might find it challenging to do so with IRAs held at brokerages, banks, and other financial firms while being limited to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

A self-directed IRA solves this issue by allowing you to take advantage of certain alternative assets.

What Are Self-Directed IRAs?

A self-directed IRA is simply a kind of retirement account that allows you to invest in a broader selection of asset classes. 

The steps for opening a self-directed IRA are as follows: 1. Find a provider to open the account for you. 2. Do due diligence on the investments you’d like to make. SWIPE UP for Steps 3-5

THAT'S NOT ALL! There's so much more to know about the advantages and disadvantages of self-directed IRAs.