Are You An Entrepreneur? 10 Productivity Game Changers for You

There are aspects of being the captain of your own ship that may still feel like work to you—like long, drawn-out meetings, stressful deadlines, and endless piles of paperwork.

“Love what you do and you’ll never work another day in your life.”

Citing advice from well-known executives and other online sources, here's a compiled list of 10 ways entrepreneurs can encourage productivity for themselves and their company at large.

10 Productivity Game Changers for Entrepreneurs

Employee check-ins Keep an open communication channel with employees to check in on projects, challenges, and triumphs to create a more productive environment.

Consider keeping one work day meeting-free Freeing up one day a week to focus on crossing off items on to-do lists instead of creating more can lend itself to being a much more constructive week.

Structure to-do lists in calendar form It will help to not overburden yourself with extra tasks that you really don’t have time for because you’ll have easier access to your due dates.