The Best REITs to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Too many investors these days own mega-cap tech stocks like Apple (AAPL) or Tesla (TSLA).   While these stocks are excellent investments, your portfolio may not be diversified.

Other investment classes like bonds, cash, and real estate investment trusts (REITs) can help bring some balance to your portfolio.

Best REITs to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Realty Income Corporation

The trust is known for its monthly dividend payments and increases. In addition, the stock is a Dividend Aristocrat, meaning it has raised the dividend for at least 25+ years.

Medical Properties Trust

The trust pays a forward dividend of $1.16 per share, giving a dividend yield of 5.71%. Analysts estimate MPW will have an FFO of $1.87 per share in 2022.

THAT'S NOT ALL! There are other REITs worth considering and some pros / cons of investing in REITs as well.