Best Peloton Weights: Why You Need Them And Where To Buy

It’s important to choose wisely when selecting weights for your Peloton workout at home. Here are some of our favorite options on the market today.

Fitness Alley Neoprene Dumbbells - 5 Pairs (2lb to 10lb)

With great reviews, this non-slip dumbbell set replaces the Peloton Bike Weights and more. The package comes with 5 pairs of free weights (2lb, 4lb, 6lb, 8lb, and 10lb) to suit most Peloton classes for cardiovascular and conditioning workouts.


Epic Fitness Neoprene Dumbbells - 3 pairs (10lb, 15lb, 20lb)

If you’d like to get into the heavier weights, these 3 pairs ranging from 10lb to 20lb will bring on the sweat and suit your training perfectly. Again, we recommend Neoprene, non-slip dumbbells with Hex design to prevent rolling.


Papababe Dumbbell Set Rubber Encased Hex - 5 Pairs (5lb to 25lb)

If you don’t like the feel of Neoprene but still want non-slip hex dumbbells to burn calories, then these will do the trick. With thousands of positive reviews and a storage dumbbell rack included, you can’t go wrong with this free-weight set.


Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbell - Replaces 15 Pairs

Finally, if you don’t have the room or want an even wider range of weights to work out with, then there is no better performing brand than Bowflex. With almost 14,000 positive reviews, these can be the first and last pair of dumbbells you own.


PXT360 Resistance Bands with Handles - 5 resistance levels (5lb to 50lb)

Many Peloton classes have started to use resistance bands, and it’s a trend that will continue. Peloton sells its pair of resistance bands for $69. This set on Amazon has hundreds of 4.5-star reviews and includes a door anchor, at half the price of the original. 


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