ARE YOU READY?  Bitcoin is Coming to Your 401(k)

Fidelity Investments announced a new offering this week that will make Bitcoin available to millions of employees through their 401(k) plan as early as this summer.

An estimated 16% of Americans have owned cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, primarily in online brokerage accounts and apps.

But until now, cryptocurrencies have not been available to employees through retirement plans offered by their employers, limiting their adoption.

Why Do You Need To Care? What Do You Need To Know?

Professionals Disagree on the Merits of Bitcoin in 401(k) Plan Beyond the additional disclosures, some professionals fear account holders may bear the burden of increased account fees resulting from the risk of additional liabilities.

Typical Investor Behavior in 401(k) Plans Could Bode Well for Bitcoin as an Investment Option Some advisors noted the typical investing behavior of employees in their 401(k) plans could prove favorable for Bitcoin as a newly available investment option.

Several Financial Professionals Have Concerns About Bitcoin in 401(k) Plans “I’m not a fan of crypto in retirement portfolios. We don’t know how it behaves as an asset class, volatility, correlations, and the distribution of expected returns."