Are You ‘Quiet Quitting' at Work?

As the hype over the ‘Great Resignation’ dies down amid a tightening labor market, a new trend has been slowly emerging... or just coming to light now - QUIET QUITTING.

‘Quiet Quitting,‘ suggests those who stayed on beyond the Great Resignation may still be working on a superficial level, but deep down, they’ve long given up.

So are you a part of this trend?

Quiet quitting pushes back against the hustle culture that values career success above all else and encourages employees to go above and beyond.

TikTok-ing on the Clock “You’re still performing your duties, but you’re no longer subscribing to the hustle culture mentality that work has to be your life,” said TikToker zkchillin.

Nowhere to Go Research shows that many professionals are becoming despondent as they feel a distinct lack of room to grow in their jobs.

Low-Risk Approach Switching jobs or withdrawing from the workforce carries significant economic risk. Quiet quitting is an ideal low-risk strategy.