America - Does Your Net Worth Fall Within the National Average?

Unlike Jeff Bezos, being worth more than some small countries is not the reality for us. See where you sit on the median & average net worth by age scale.

So What is Net Worth?

Simply put, Net Worth = Assets – Liabilities.   This would mean that Jeff Bezos has approximately $200B worth of assets after subtracting all the loans & bills that he owes. 

Average Net Worth in your 20s

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Average Net Worth by Age 35

As per the American Federal Reserve, the average net worth by age 35 is $76,300 Let's remove the data skewed by high net-worth individuals! The median net worth is...


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Average Net Worth by Age 55

The average net worth by age 55 is $833,000 and the median is $169,000

Average Net Worth by Age 65

The average total net worth by age 65 goes up to $1.18 Million, while the median sits at $212,000

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