Amazon Prime Day is ON - Stock Up On Your Wishlist!

Amazon prime day is on July 12-13, 2022.  It's the perfect time to stock up on the staples around the house. It's also the perfect opportunity to grab some items from your wish list!

What's on your wish list this year?  We plan to pick up some extra copies of our favorite go-to books that make perfect gifts as well. Have you read any of these?

Oh...and they're books about that STOCK MARKET! Why not brush up your knowledge of how to invest smarter and make money this recession?


How to Make Money in Stocks

William O’Neil is an investment strategist and shows you how to use the CANSLIM system.

SWIPE UP... read why everyone loves the CANSLIM system!


The Intelligent Investor

Warren Buffett has said that this book provides the best investment advice he has ever received!

SWIPE UP... see why Benjamin Graham is an advisor to Warren Buffet.

BEST for beginners

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

A great read for those who have never invested and want to learn the basics on how stocks and indexes work.

SWIPE UP... learn more about Burton Malkiel - a Princeton economist.


Market Wizards

This book is a compilation of interviews with professional stock traders who have been in the industry for over 20 years.


...if you want to learn from the experience & insights of pros.

SWIPE UP to see the rest of the list! Learn how to make a profit during the ongoing recession!