College Tuition Continues To Rise:  7 Alternatives

With fees at an all-time high, many would-be students are starting to question whether formal education is as necessary as people make it seem and are there any alternatives.

With the internet paving the way to a plethora of exciting new ways to make a living, the traditional risks associated with disregarding the status quo seem less pronounced.

here are seven compelling alternatives to a College degree

#1 Influencer Not so long ago, the idea that you could earn money by posting photos and videos of yourself online would have been laughable. Now it’s an established career path.

#2 Hospitality Are you a strong communicator with a smiley disposition? Do you love working in a fast-paced team environment?   If so, then hospitality is the right sector for you.

#3 Medical Assistant Take this path, and you’ll perform various tasks in clinical settings, such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, and physicians’ offices.

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