AI Technology – Understanding The Basics 

We are in an age that relies heavily on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to operate. What was previously completed by workers is now done by robots and machines.

Where is AI Technology Primarily Used?

Hospitals, automotive factories, electronics systems, and even printing companies are all utilizing different forms of artificial intelligence systems. 

Machine Vision and Machine Learning

According to Robotics Tomorrow, “Machine vision is the capability of a computer to perceive the environment. One or more video cameras are used with analog-to-digital conversion and digital signal processing.  

Importance of AI Technology

It combines human capabilities such as learning, understanding, and planning, by putting those aspects into a machine. Doing so gives more opportunities to expand our horizons into new areas. 

AI technology also gives companies a competitive edge by incorporating the speed and intelligence of machines into their operations. Faster output results in a quicker return on investment. Thus, resulting in a higher return on investment. 

AI is also especially important in locations such as hospitals. It is enhancing surgical procedures and allowing doctors to perform new surgeries that would not be possible otherwise. 

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