5 RULES: Protect Your 401(k) Against Economic Uncertainty

Saving for retirement can bring its own set of challenges, and traditionally, Americans look towards their 401(k) retirement plan as a way to help them survive financially through their retirement.

Experts are suggesting new ways in which soon-to-be-retirees and those still working can diversify their retirement funds to help protect it against any economic downturn.

5 Rules to Protect Your 401(k) Against Economic Uncertainty

1. Always Have a Diverse Retirement Fund The amount you allocate to each type of asset class depends solely on personal financial circumstances. That’s why it’s better to start sooner than later.

2. Follow The 110 Rule Experts suggest that you subtract your age from 110, the number you then get is the percentage of your retirement portfolio that should be allocated towards stocks.

3. Make Continuous Contributions to your 401(k) Some experts suggest that you should put away at least 30% of your salary towards your savings or retirement fund.