31 Spring Home Improvement Projects To Increase Your Home’s Value

Spring is a time of renewal, and it certainly extends to the space we now spend most of our time in - our home. It’s a great time to check off projects that will add value to your home!

31 Spring Home Improvement Projects


Make an entryway more inviting by placing bushes, plants, and flowers along the path and keeping everything in place with brick pavers.


Clean Windows

Grab that glass cleaner, a rag, and a ladder and get to work (safely), making your windows dirt- and streak-free.


Polish Wood Floors

Wood floors take a beating with the dirt and grime of winter when you drag in snow and other gunk. Spring is a great time to give them a good polish.


Put Up Shelving in the Garage

Adding some smart shelving to your garage can keep your outdoor toys and items tidy and maximize your storage space.


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