22 Well-Being Programs That Matter!

You probably know about the health care and retirement plans your employers offers. Dental coverage and 401(k) matching are important after all!

But do you know if your employer offers any valuable well-being programs? We have identified 22 programs that workers rates as most valuable in a survey.

The Most Important Well-being Programs, According to Workers

#22. Support and resources for caregivers Although 88% of companies offer resources for caregivers, only 29% of employees knew about the resources.

#14. Fitness reimbursement programs Working from home has revived the lunchtime exercise break and with stress soaring, yoga practices, barre routines, and the like are in demand.

#8. Sleep improvement program or resources (tie) With sleep key to health and productivity and the science improving, interest is growing.

#5. Access to low-interest short-term loans Short-term loans offered through employers can help workers cover financial emergencies, even in cases of poor credit.

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