21 Tips You Need to Know Before Buying a House

Your first (or even fifth) house purchase is a huge decision. It seems like there are a million things you need to know before buying a house.

To help you with your home-buying checklist, we interviewed 21 different experts on the top thing they wish they knew before buying their first house

top 21 tips for home buyers 

1. Hire a Home Inspector

Home inspectors come into the property and take a deep look at everything — the landscaping, wiring, appliances — plumbing, and the roof — before you sign the contract.

2. Keep the Hidden Costs in Mind

Remember to consider moving expenses, furnishings, closing costs, insurance, taxes, HOAs, and any other hidden expenses of buying a home.

3. Home Improvement is Expensive

Many people fail to realize how costly home improvement can be. Most of us want to fix everything quickly but fail to realize how much even the smallest updates can be.

THAT'S NOT ALL! There are many more tips you need to know before you buy a house!