13 Tips for Starting a Side Gig...


It’s not impossible to start a side gig while working full-time. In fact, it can be pretty easy if you follow these tips.

13 Tips for Starting a Side Gig 

1. Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Yet Unless you have a solid plan in place for how you will make money from your side gig, it’s wise to wait to quit your day job.   

2. Find a Gig That Complements Your Full-time Job There are endless possibilities, so find something that will work well with your current job. 

3. Do Your Research You should ensure that there is a market for what you’re selling or offering.

4. Create a Business Plan This will help you map out exactly how you will make money from your side gig and how much you can realistically expect to make.

5. Get Organized This means having a dedicated space for working on your side gig, setting up a system for tracking expenses, and keeping good records.

The most important thing is to lose the excuses and get started.  Swipe up to read all 13 tips to make your side gig a success story!