107 Apps That Pay You Real Money

We have identified 107 apps that pay you real money! From apps that pay you to watch videos or take surveys, to apps that allow you to sell your products and services.

Apps That Pay You To Take Surveys

Survey Junkie

This app pays users in points for completing surveys and other tasks, such as watching videos or shopping online.  You can redeem your points for cash payments via PayPal, gift cards from popular retailers



This app is similar to Survey Junkie but instead of using a point system, they pay out actual dollars per survey completed directly into your PayPal account.


Apps That Pay You Real Money For Being Healthy


This app allows users who want their steps counted throughout the day (and get paid!) should they hit their step goals.


Charity Miles

This app allows users to earn money for charity just by walking. Select one (or more) of forty charities to support and start earning miles for every mile walked.


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