10 Tips to Start Your Digital Nomad life in 2022

The number of digital nomads in the United States alone reached a staggering 15.5 million in 2021.

As remote workers negotiate increased flexibility in their jobs, experts expect the number of digital nomads to continue its exponential growth.

Interested in taking your remote work job on the road? 

1. Ask The Big Questions

It’s important to ask yourself – can you handle the ups and downs? Are you ready for the challenges of leaving friends and family behind? Do you consider yourself adaptable?

2. Narrow Your Focus

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3. Secure A Job

Many companies face legal restrictions about where remote workers can base themselves. Discuss your plans with your company or find a new job.

4 & 5. Set Your Budget and Prepare Your Finances

Of course money is important! Swipe up to read how you can prepare for a nomadic lifestyle.

6. Identify Your First Destination

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7. Research Local Realities

Dive into researching aspects of daily life as a digital nomad in your target destination. You’ll need to find an apartment, ensure you have fast internet, and buy groceries.

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