10 Tips To Save Money on Childcare With Rising Inflation

Most parents know the struggles of affording childcare. Regardless of income, marital status, or overall socioeconomic situation, we all have a hefty bill to pay in the childcare department.

Let’s face it, paying for proper, reliable childcare is like paying rent!  Here are some tips from an experienced parent to help save money on childcare.

1. Parent-Child Exchange Hub Some parents like to group up into “hubs.” There can be hubs for everything: homeschooling field trips, homework checks, study groups, and also childcare.

2. Church-Based Childcare Some community churches will still offer free to low-cost daycare, school, and summer camps or Vacation Bible School to families in need!

3. Ask the State There are programs specially designed to help low-income families with childcare.

4. Work from Home or Take Courses Online It sounds challenging, working while your kids tug on your shirt, asking for another cookie, but this may be a new lifestyle we all need to adapt to.

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