10 Things People Thought Were a Sign of Wealth as Kid

When you were a kid visiting a friend’s house, did you ever notice things you believed were wealth indicators? You’ve got company. 

Someone recently asked, “What was the weird thing you thought as a child was a sign of wealth?” Here are the top-voted answers.  

10 Things People Thought Were a Sign of Wealth as Kids

1. In-ground Swimming Pools “An in-ground swimming pool,” one shared. “Bonus points if the diving board was higher than a standard one.”

2. Ice Maker in Their Refrigerator Someone suggested “An Ice Maker in their refrigerator. But, more importantly, an ice and water dispenser on the FRONT of the fridge.

3. Trampoline Several people agreed that a trampoline was a sign of wealth when they were kids.

4. More Than One Telephone One person said, “More than one telephone was a sign.” Another shared, “Oh, I went to this one girl’s house once, and she had her own phone line! Amazing to me.”

5. A Two-Story House “Two-story houses represented wealth to me in a crazy way. I don’t even know why now.”

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