12 Unwritten Rules That All Men Follow

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Navigating the uncharted waters of male camaraderie can sometimes feel like deciphering a secret language. Beneath the surface of the casual banter, there are universal rules that all males seem to inherently understand.

These unwritten codes of conduct weave a unique tapestry of male interactions. We’ve delved into a social media thread to unearth some of these unspoken rules, and here they are, decoded for your enjoyment and amusement.

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#1. The Loud Sneezer

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“When you become a father, all your sneezes must be loud and violent.” – LegitimateGeek

Becoming a dad seems to come with a peculiar set of sneezing rules. It’s as if the moment you hold your child, your sneezes transform into theatrical explosions that can be heard throughout the house.

So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself involuntarily “achoo”-ing like you’re auditioning for a Shakespearean play.

#2. The Cow Spotter

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“On a road trip with our families, whenever there are cows, we must point out that there are cows.” – fvelloso

Road trips take an unexpected turn when cows enter the picture. It’s an unspoken agreement among males that when bovines graze alongside the road, you must play tour guide and excitedly announce their presence. It’s almost like cows have a magnetic field that triggers the inner narrator in every guy.

#3. The Remote Whisperer

Tv remote
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“If the remote control stops working, either slap it on your leg or open the back and roll the batteries a few times.” – Straightener78

When the remote control decides it’s time to take a vacation from functionality, males are armed with two secret techniques: the thigh slap and the battery roll. Whether you give it a good, hearty slap on your leg or strategically roll the batteries inside, the remote is sure to succumb to your mystical powers.

#4. The Weather Prophet

Handsome man in coat and scarf with umbrella looking at camera
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“If there is bad weather brewing outside, you must stand on the porch and say something along the lines of ‘Well, the rain’s coming, I can feel it.'” – Dakintosh

When ominous clouds gather and bad weather looms, a man must stand on the porch and deliver a dramatic proclamation. It’s not just a prediction; it’s an announcement that you can “feel” the rain’s impending arrival. Whether it’s accurate or not, it’s your moment to shine as the local weather forecaster.

#5. The Tong Tester

Man with serving tongs cooking sausages outdoors on grill
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“You must test click tongs before barbecuing.” – Peanut-Fridger

Click, click! You can’t just wield grilling tongs without testing their operability first. Before the barbecue festivities commence, it’s essential to perform the “click click” ritual, as if summoning the spirits of perfectly cooked burgers and sausages.

#6. The Family Jewels Guardian

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“Unless you feel genuinely threatened, never purposefully hit a man in the balls.” – Inteligent_Toaster

In a world where vulnerability lurks around every corner, there’s a pact among men to avoid the most sensitive of territories. The rule is simple: unless truly threatened, never unleash an attack on another man’s nether regions. It’s a universal law that acknowledges the fragility of these precious assets.

#7. The Haircut Pal

Barber trimming customer beard at barbershop
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The age-old question of “How do y’all know each other?” is met with a simple yet profound answer: “Same barber.” It’s the bond that transcends time and connects even the most disparate of individuals. After all, the barber’s chair is a confessional, a place where stories are exchanged and friendships are solidified.

#8. The Garage Host

Repair worker greeting customer at custom garage
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“The guy in the garage with the door open is the bat signal for fellow men to come over.” – ponysoldierboy

A man in the garage with the door open serves as a beacon to all other males in the vicinity. It’s an invitation to share in the camaraderie of DIY projects, offer assistance, or just shoot the breeze over a toolbox. No words are needed; the open garage door speaks volumes.

#9. The Pocket Smacker

Cropped view of bearded man standing with hands in pockets
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“When leaving, you must smack your pockets to make sure everything is there.” – BigDoggoLover

Before departing any place, it’s a must to perform the ritualistic pocket smack. This act reassures you that all essentials – phone, keys, wallet – are right where they should be. It’s an age-old dance of checking and double-checking, ensuring that you won’t be caught in any compromising scenarios without your necessities.

#10. The Bald Brotherhood

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“If you’re bald and I’m bald, we’re automatically bald brothers.” – [noname]

Baldness creates an unspoken connection among men. If you and another fellow are both bald, you’re automatically inducted into the bald brotherhood. It’s a recognition of shared follicular challenges and a nod to the fact that you’ve both embraced the chrome dome life.

#11. The Careful Zipperer

jeans zipper closeup
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“Zippers are not your friend. Use them slowly and carefully, or you will regret every decision that brought you to this place in life…” – tokikain

Zippers are a minefield of potential disasters. Men know all too well the dangers of reckless zippering. The rule is simple: zip slowly, carefully, and with great attention to detail, unless you’re prepared to face the consequences of a zipper-induced life crisis.

#12. The Lawn Chair Relaxer

lawn chair
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“You must let out a sigh of satisfaction when sitting down on a lawn chair.” – raalic

Sitting in a lawn chair is an opportunity for a well-deserved sigh of contentment. It’s the ultimate relaxation ritual – a time to unwind, take in the surroundings, and let out a sigh that speaks volumes about the tranquility of the moment.

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12 Unwritten Rules That All Men Follow

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Navigating the uncharted waters of male camaraderie can sometimes feel like deciphering a secret language. These unwritten codes of conduct weave a unique tapestry of male interactions. We’ve delved into a social media thread to unearth some of these unspoken rules, and here they are, decoded for your enjoyment and amusement.

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