15 Ridiculous Things Younger People are Tired of Hearing From Boomers

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From an early age, we’ve been told to listen to our elders, but listening to them doesn’t always mean they are right. The best way of showing that is by making a list of things that younger people on social media say they are tired of hearing from their elders.

1. “Don’t Believe Everything You See on the Internet.”

The first and most commented answer is, “Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.” But, of course, boomers habitually say this every time youngins read or watch something on the net.

One user commented about the irony of hearing this coming from a generation glued to Facebook and 4chan for “accurate” news sources. Not all boomers, but you know who you are.

2. “You Kids and These Darn Phones.”

“You kids and these darn phones” get on many users’ nerves, especially knowing that more than half of boomers spend just as much, if not more, time on phones.

3. “Come Home. We Want to Spend Time with You.”

Have you ever been asked to come home for the holidays only to sit twiddling your thumbs?

One user shared their experience about how he finally gave in and came home.

However, dad was on the phone watching two guys build a pyramid, and mum was on her laptop watching a series. The user described himself as a holiday decoration to be set out on the couch and not be interacted with.

4. “When I Was Your Age, I Never…….”

These are the famous words the young hear from boomers often. Someone recalled fighting with their parents about how they did everything differently when they were kids and how the world was a better place. One user said, “Well, they built this one, too, didn’t they? We are THEIR kids.”

5. “Just Start Saving! You’ll Be Able to Buy a House in No Time.”

Gen Z and Millenials become irate when they hear this. Maybe buying properties was easier back in the day. But unfortunately, according to many people from the thread, the prices have skyrocketed, and the chances of buying a house are just a dream for many young people.

6. “The Young People Always Want to Drink and Go to Parties.”

“Yes, grandpa, my only plans are to get drunk and to go to parties,” one sarcastically replied. Many users talked about their parents’ stories of engaging in non-stop drugs and drinking during the 70s.

7. “Just Find Something That Pays More.”

Others claimed that the comments for finding jobs and jumping from one to another are pointless. One user also added how the statement “if you don’t like it, then leave it” frustrated him.

It’s not that easy. A study concluded that Millennials make 20% less than Boomers did at the same stage in life.

8. “You Are Sensitive and Weren’t Taught Hard Work.”

Millennials and Gen-Z are thought to be sensitive, but a study by the Journal of Psychology and Aging found the opposite is true. The study found that Boomers are hypersensitive compared to Millennials. Hypersensitivity is defined as “being unreceptive to others’ feedback and lashing out at any criticism toward one’s self,” as per the journal.

9. “Just Pause It.”

Boomers will never understand how much gaming means to true gamers. “We can’t pause the games,” one user lamented.

Another commenter described having to pause a game at a critical moment as “physical pain.”

10. “No One Wants to Work Anymore.”

“How can it be that only the younger generation doesn’t want to work?” This concept covers all generations, and sincerely, no one wants to work and spend all their days working for minimum wage.

Making money by doing typical jobs today is almost impossible, which all the commenters agree on. However, we don’t mind working. “Just give us a living wage.”

11. “When You’re Older, You’ll Agree with Me.”

A typical sentence that drives the minds of young people crazy. Several users wrote that older people tend to be wiser, but that doesn’t automatically mean they are always 100% correct.

The biggest problem identified by the users was a lack of willingness by boomers to listen and understand young peoples’ point of view.

12. “Video Games Are a Waste of Time.”

Boomers will never understand how video games are such an essential aspect of lives for the younger generation. One sarcastically stated, “It’s easy to say that video games are a waste of time,” but so is “watching Fox news!”

13. “I Have More Life Experience than You….”

Everybody knows that boomers have more life experience, but that doesn’t negate young peoples’ life experiences. Not everyone shares the same experiences; some learn lessons, others don’t, and vice versa.

One explained that your experience doesn’t dictate what everyone else’s experiences should be. The world is very different today.

14. “You Kids Had It So Easy Growing Up, and Now Your Kids Have It Easier than That.”

Young people see this as evolution. Parents should want to provide a better life for their offspring and so on.

Many noted the absurdity of, “Well, I suffered. Now you suffer.” “Well, I paid my student loans. Now, you pay yours.” But student loan today takes a lifetime to pay off.

15. “No Sense of Humor.”

“This generation has no sense of humor.” Boomers tend to speak about how younger generations are too sensitive to handle a joke as a way of dismissing racism and misogyny. A final user made a funny comparison: “Millennial humor: I hate my life—Boomer humor: I hate my wife.” Harsh, but we’ve heard too many of those jokes.

This thread inspired this post.

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