9 Legitimate Things Boomers Say They Don’t Like About Gen-Z

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In this slideshow, Boomers and Millennials present a fascinating glimpse into the multifaceted world of Generation Z. Each generation has its unique characteristics, and these critiques offer insights into how Gen-Z is navigating the modern landscape influenced by technology, social media, and changing societal norms. From their tech-savvy prowess to their empathetic disposition and adept social skills, this presentation highlights how Gen-Z, from the vantage point of other generations, is shaping the world.

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#1. Moral Certainty

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Gen-Z’s strong sense of morality can sometimes lead to an absolutist worldview. Observations highlight a tendency to categorize people and ideas into extreme good and evil categories, leaving little room for nuanced discussions or understanding differing perspectives.

#2. Selective Empathy

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While Gen-Z demonstrates empathy in many areas, some users point out that this empathy can be inconsistent or selective. A Gen-Z contributor notes that their generation seems to engage in “selective activism,” focusing more on certain issues while potentially neglecting others or showing a lack of interest in history and cultural context.

#3. Fear of Failure

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Some users express concerns about Gen-Z’s aversion to taking risks and facing failure. The fear of failure can hinder their growth and limit their potential for breakthroughs. Understanding that failure is a part of the learning process and can lead to valuable insights is a key lesson many hope Gen-Z will internalize.

#4. Overuse of Words

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Gen-Z has a habit of overusing certain words, diluting their meaning. The term “toxic” is one such example. Users emphasize the importance of reserving strong language for situations that truly warrant it, rather than letting such words lose their impact through overuse.

#5. Entitlement and Self-Worth

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A common critique revolves around Gen-Z’s perceived sense of entitlement and an attitude of “I didn’t ask to be here.” Some users humorously point out that while none of us asked to be born, learning to contribute positively to society is a universal responsibility.

#6. Social Media Metrics vs. Self-Worth

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The tie between self-worth and social media metrics is a noticeable trend among Gen-Z. A user shares a personal anecdote about how social media followers were used to measure someone’s value, despite real-life accomplishments often far outweighing online popularity.

#7. Tipping Culture and Online Begging

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The practice of tipping has evolved, and some users are perplexed by how Gen-Z handles it. While encouraging tipping for service workers, the proliferation of influencers asking for Patreon contributions raises eyebrows. The juxtaposition of millionaire influencers seeking small sums from their followers is seen as contradictory.

#8. Absolutist Views

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Gen-Z’s tendency to see the world in stark black-and-white terms is a critique often brought up. Many users note that this absolutist perspective can hinder constructive discourse and hinder understanding of complex issues.

#9. Oversharing and Boundaries

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Finally, there’s the issue of oversharing. While some appreciate open conversations, the lack of social boundaries within the workplace can make others uncomfortable. Users discuss how Gen-Z’s tendency to reveal personal details quickly, even in professional settings, raises questions about privacy and communication consent.

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