My Wife Is Furious That I Have Been Sneaking Unapproved Snacks To My Son. Was I Wrong?

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As we scrolled through our social media feed, we stumbled upon a tale of family strife, clashing values, and a young boy caught in the middle of a dietary dilemma. The story of a husband’s secret snack mission and a wife’s unwavering commitment to veganism unfolds, leaving us intrigued by the emotional turmoil that has engulfed this family.

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The Vegan Dilemma

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A 32-year-old man and his 33-year-old wife, married for 8 years with a 12-year-old son, found their lives taking a vegan turn when the wife watched the documentary Dominion. Inspired, she embraced veganism wholeheartedly and believed non-vegan food to be “revolting.” She convinced her husband to go vegetarian and adopt a vegan diet at home, including their son.

This arrangement worked well until the husband discovered non-vegan candy wrappers and McDonald’s burger wrappers in their son’s school bag. In a heart-to-heart conversation, their son confessed to feeling isolated among friends who enjoyed non-vegan snacks. The father, wanting to provide better choices for his son, began buying him non-vegan snacks, sparking a heated disagreement with his wife.

A Clash of Values

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The revelation of the father’s actions drove a deep wedge between the couple. The wife accused him of enabling animal abuse and corrupting their son. She refused to speak to him, leaving their son feeling trapped in the middle. In an attempt to avoid getting into trouble with his mother, the son took the blame for his father’s actions, claiming ignorance about the non-vegan nature of the snacks.

The family now stands divided, torn between the mother’s strong vegan beliefs and the father’s desire to provide their son with a sense of belonging among his peers.

Navigating Uncharted Waters

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The family finds themselves at a crossroads, grappling with the clash of values and the desire to ensure their son’s happiness and social integration. The husband must now find a way to bridge the gap between his wife’s staunch vegan principles and his son’s need for acceptance among friends.

The situation underscores the challenges that can arise when individual beliefs and choices intersect within a family, requiring delicate balancing acts and open communication to find common ground.

Online Opinions

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SeekingBeskar was the first to offer support to the husband:

“I think my answer, at this point, would be, “Our son is old enough to decide what he wants to eat and what his dietary preferences are. If we put him into a situation where he feels he has to hide things from us, that’s on us.”

If your wife is confronting him about this in any kind of intimidating way or trying to make him feel guilty with the same phrases she’s using with you, I would prioritize your son and his needs and well-being.”

ShoddyCandidate1873 doesn’t think a vegan diet is great for a growing body, saying:

“Idk what dietician they talked to, but I know a few, and they will all tell you it’s nearly impossible for a growing child to get all the nutrients they need from a vegan diet. A 12-year-old boy who plays football, it’s basically completely impossible. His diet isn’t healthy for him at this point. Plus, at 12, he’s old enough to make his own choices.”

More Support Poured In

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JustUgh2323 disagreed but advocated for the child’s right to choose.

“Yes, it can be done, but is it right to force it on a 12yo attending school? Watching his friends eat other/prohibited foods and snacks? That must be hard. I ate vegetarian for 2-3 years for dietary purposes and then also had to try vegan, again for health issues (not ethical reasons), and it was really limiting as a working adult. I guess what I’m saying is that it’s a big (and admirable) commitment but possibly not one a parent should make for an adolescent.

I guess I’m just saying that IMO at some stage, as your children get older, you need to revisit decisions that you unilaterally made for them as littles and discuss options, allowing them more autonomy. Otherwise, they will be hampered in their decision-making abilities as adults. Mom here hasn’t realized her son needs to begin to make this important decision for himself. It’s hard for a parent to let go.”

No More Lies

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JuliaFC sided with the husband, but didn’t like the lies involved.

“If the choice his mother is imposing on him is making him socially awkward and possibly could lead to him being bullied or ostracized, I think his father did the right thing.

OP, you’re [right] for being approachable and looking after your son’s wishes and well-being. However, I think you shouldn’t have lied to your wife. I think SHE’s also being an a*e by trying to impose her (newly found) beliefs on her whole family. Your son is a kid and afraid of getting in trouble, which is understandable, but he too has been lying to his mother and something that could have been much easier with you and him explaining to her the whole situation.”

The Verdict

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The comments on this story reflected a diversity of opinions but generally showed support for the husband’s decision to buy non-vegan snacks for their son. Some commenters expressed concern about the son’s nutritional needs and the challenges of a strict vegan diet for a growing child. Others emphasized the importance of allowing the son to make his own dietary choices as he grows older. There was also criticism of the wife’s rigid imposition of veganism on the entire family and the impact it had on their son’s social life.

In the end, the story highlighted the complexities of balancing personal beliefs and family dynamics, particularly when it comes to dietary choices. The comments underlined the importance of open communication, flexibility, and consideration of the child’s well-being and autonomy in making decisions about his diet as he grows older.

Source: Reddit.

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