10 Secretive Sites in the USA You Can Never Visit

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The United States, known for its vast landscapes and diverse destinations, also has its share of places that are off-limits to the public. These restrictions may be due to security concerns, environmental preservation, or classified operations. Here are 10 such places within the United States.

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#1. Area 51, Nevada

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Area 51 gained global attention due to numerous conspiracy theories and UFO sightings. While many claims remain unverified, the secrecy surrounding the base continues to fuel speculation. It’s estimated that Area 51’s runway is one of the longest in the world, measuring over 23,000 feet, which is necessary for testing experimental aircraft.

#2. Mount Weather, Virginia

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Mount Weather’s existence was officially acknowledged in the early 2000s after decades of secrecy. It serves as a backup for government operations during national emergencies. The facility at Mount Weather houses underground bunkers, communication centers, and emergency operations facilities designed to ensure the continuity of government in case of a catastrophic event.

#3. Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado

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The Cheyenne Mountain Complex was featured prominently in the movie “WarGames” and in the TV series “Stargate SG-1.” This complex is buried deep within the mountain and can withstand a nuclear blast, making it a vital hub for defense and early warning systems.

#4. Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, Georgia

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Kings Bay is one of only two locations in the U.S. where ballistic missile submarines are based, the other being Bangor, Washington. The submarines at Kings Bay carry intercontinental ballistic missiles and play a crucial role in the nation’s nuclear deterrence strategy.

#5. Greenbrier Bunker, West Virginia

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The Greenbrier Bunker remained a secret for more than three decades until its existence was revealed by a Washington Post article in 1992. During the Cold War, the bunker could accommodate over 1,000 people and provided essential facilities for members of Congress in case of a nuclear attack.

#6. Yucca Mountain, Nevada

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The Yucca Mountain repository project was designated by the U.S. Congress as the nation’s primary long-term solution for nuclear waste storage. The repository’s construction remains contentious, with concerns about its safety and environmental impact leading to its current closure.

#7. Dugway Proving Ground, Utah

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Dugway Proving Ground played a critical role in testing chemical and biological defense systems during World War II. The facility’s remote location in the Utah desert allows for testing of hazardous materials and military equipment without endangering civilian populations.

#8. Nellis Air Force Range, Nevada

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The Nellis Air Force Range is home to the annual “Red Flag” military exercise, where allied nations train in realistic combat scenarios. The range covers over 5,000 square miles and is crucial for classified testing and training activities.

#9. Hanford Site, Washington

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The Hanford Site produced plutonium for the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, during World War II. Cleanup efforts at Hanford have made it one of the largest environmental restoration projects in the world due to its legacy of radioactive contamination.

#10. Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico

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Los Alamos scientists played a pivotal role in developing the first atomic bomb as part of the Manhattan Project. The laboratory continues to conduct cutting-edge research in nuclear science, national security, and other scientific fields.

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