13 Popular Food Items That Are So Gross – Who Eats These!?

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Food is a passion for many, but there are always those dishes that leave us wondering, “Who enjoys this?” In a recent social media discussion, users candidly shared their culinary confessions—popular food items they genuinely think are gross. From towering burgers to misunderstood delicacies, let’s dive into the delectable world of disgust that some have ventured into.

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#1 The Tall Tale of Giant Burgers

Homemade Cheeseburger Sliders with Lettuce Tomato and Cheese
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“Recently, I almost always take the top of the bun off, scrape any necessary condiments back onto the patty, and just use a fork and knife. I’m trying to taste the burger, not wear it and then get full on bread, lol.”

We’ve all been there, staring at a towering burger that seems to defy the laws of biteability. Many users can relate to this challenge and just can’t get past it. The ratio of height to width in these mega-burgers leaves them scratching their heads and feeling like they’re attempting to conquer a food skyscraper.

#2 Fondant: The Icing You Don’t Want to Eat

Funny woman sitting at the table with cake
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“Some fondants definitely taste better than others- like marshmallow fondant- but it definitely isn’t for everyone. I’ve personally always liked fondant, but my family hates it. It’s just one of those things lol.”

Fondant is a love-it-or-hate-it affair. Some users appreciate its role in crafting artistic cake designs, but they can’t forgive it for making those cakes practically inedible. The sugary, playdough-like substance may look cool, but it leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of many.

#3 Red Bull: The Energy Drink That Tastes Like Trouble

Mykolaiv, Ukraine - May 2, 2023: Hand holding a can of Red Bull Energy Drink on blue background. Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world. Top view
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“You know how on The Simpsons, nuclear waste it always shown as glowing unnatural green? That’s what Red Bull should look like.”

Red Bull claims to give you wings, but for some users, it tastes like it might also give you health problems. The unique flavor of this energy drink leaves them with an unsettling feeling, as if they’re sipping on a can of chemicals.

#4 Sweet Pickles: An Offense to the Taste Buds

Plate with delicious marinated pickled cucumbers on table. Food.
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“Biting into a sweet pickle when you are expecting dill is a great way to ruin a day lol.”

Sweet pickles might be a hit for some, but for others, they’re a taste bud disaster. The combination of sweetness with the usually tangy and crunchy pickle doesn’t sit well with these users.

#5 Canned Chicken: A Poultry Paradox

Homemade Buffalo Chicken Dip with Cheese and Crostini
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Canned chicken is a convenience for some, but for others, it’s a culinary conundrum. The idea of chicken in a can just doesn’t quite cut it for these users. The texture and taste leave them questioning the existence of this peculiar pantry item.

#6 Diet Drinks: The Aftertaste Adventure

Handsome mechanics with tablet drinking beer at garage
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“Is it weird diet and zero sugar sodas taste sweeter to me than the original? They use sucralose or other artificial sweeteners right? Artificial sweeteners taste sweeter to me than regular sugar.”

Diet drinks might promise fewer calories, but they also bring an aftertaste adventure that some users can’t get over. The artificial flavors and sweeteners don’t quite hit the spot for them, leaving them yearning for the real deal.

#7 Coffee: The Smell vs. Taste Dilemma

Handsome asian freelancer drinking coffee to go and working
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For some users, coffee is a confusing experience. They love the aroma that fills the air when it’s brewing, but when it comes to actually sipping on the brew, it’s a different story. The taste of coffee leaves them less than enthused, making it a love-hate relationship.

#8 Licorice: A Tongue-Twisting Affair

Black and red Licorice wheels isolated on white background. Food.
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“Swedish black licorice. The looks from the Swedes I got when I said it was gross lol.”

Licorice may have its loyal fan base, but it also has its fair share of detractors. For some users, the unique flavor of licorice leaves their tongues in knots. It’s the kind of treat that makes them wish they could un-taste it.

#9 Kombucha: The Funky Fermented Beverage

Kombucha second Fermented fruit tea, Probiotic food
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Kombucha is celebrated for its potential health benefits, but its taste doesn’t sit well with everyone. The tangy and sometimes fizzy nature of this fermented beverage can be an acquired taste. Many users haven’t quite acquired it and prefer to stick with other beverages.

#10 Oysters: From the Sea to the “Ew”

Fresh raw oysters with lemon slices on wooden board
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“Oceans boogers.”

Oysters are considered a delicacy by many, but some users can’t quite embrace them. The slimy texture and the unique sea-flavor make these mollusks a hard pass. For them, oysters are best left in the ocean.

#11 Jelly Beans: Beware the Black Ones!

Pumpkins, tasty jelly candies and paper bats on tabletop, halloween
Image Credit: AntonMatyukha

“Quite simply, black is not a candy color.”

Jelly beans may be a delightful childhood treat, but the black ones have a notorious reputation. The licorice-flavored jelly beans, often found lurking in a bag of assorted flavors, are the bane of existence for some users. It’s a flavor they’d rather do without.

#12 Boba: A Love-Hate Relationship with Tapioca Balls

Asian woman holding the famous taiwanese bubble milk tea at night marketplace. Bubble tea. Tapioca. Food. Drink.
Image Credit: elwynn /Depositphotos.com.

The tea is delicious but I agree, the actually boba is not for me. Not so much flavor but texture wise.”

Boba, those chewy tapioca balls adored by bubble tea fans, aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some users just can’t get behind the texture and the sensation of slurping those boba pearls through a straw. While boba enjoys immense popularity, these users are ready to stand up and say, “Sue me.”

#13 Nutella: Sweet, Flavored Fat or Delicious Delight?

Spreading the iconic Australian spread vegemite on to a slice of fresh bread. Food. Marmite.
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“Lindt has a version that’s much more hazelnut and chocolate and far less sugar. It’s still a sugar bomb but it’s less than Nutella.”

Nutella, the beloved chocolate-hazelnut spread, is a staple in many households. But for some users, it’s nothing more than sweet, flavored fat. They can’t quite see the appeal of this popular spread and find it too heavy for their taste. It’s a classic case of “to each their own.”

Source: Reddit.

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