What Boomers Said vs. Today’s Reality: 15 Outdated Tips We Can Laugh About

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Remember the times when our parents and grandparents would shower us with pearls of wisdom that they believed to be the ultimate life hacks? Their advice was well-intentioned but often hilariously outdated in today’s smartphones and virtual reality world.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and revisit some classic pieces of advice that may have been golden back in the day but now seem to have lost their sparkle.

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#1. Always Have a Dime for a Pay Phone.

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In the age of smartphones and digital wallets, keeping spare change for a pay phone might seem as relevant as carrying a quill pen. However, the essence of being prepared for emergencies is still a valid point, but it’s more about having a backup plan for your electronic devices.

#2. Don’t Sit Too Close to the TV, or Your Eyes Will Cross Permanently.

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As the last decade has solidly proven, our eyes are pretty resilient and can handle screens of all sizes, at all times, without any risk of permanent crossing. Too bad the same can’t be said about our mental health these days.

Your eyes do get stressed from too much screen time, so turn on your blue light filters and binge-watch your favorite shows without worrying about crossed eyes.

#3. Stick With One Employer Your Whole Career.

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While loyalty to an employer was once highly valued, today’s job market thrives on diversity and adaptability. Having a variety of experiences can be a huge asset, showcasing your versatility and ability to navigate different work environments.

It has also been shown that moving jobs is sometimes the only way to get a significant pay raise or promotion.

#4. You’re Not Always Going To Have a Calculator.

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Thanks to the smartphones in our pockets, we actually do always have calculators. So, feel free to embrace technology and use those handy apps for any math-related emergencies.

#5. Stop Filling Out Those Online Applications.

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Walking into offices with your resume might still be charming, but online applications have become the norm in the digital age. However, networking and face-to-face interactions are still valuable; just make sure to adapt them to the modern world.

#6. Just Get a Master’s Degree.

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While education is important, having any master’s degree isn’t a guaranteed ticket to success. Today, it’s more about the relevance of the degree and the skills you acquire rather than simply collecting degrees like trophies.

#7. Never Get a Credit Card or Take a Loan.

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In an era where credit scores play a crucial role, avoiding credit cards altogether might limit your financial opportunities. Responsible credit card use can actually help you build a strong credit history and open doors to various financial benefits.

#8. Keep All Your Spare Change in Your Car for Gas Money.

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Gas prices have changed a lot since the good old days, and spare change might not cut it anymore. It’s a cute nostalgic idea, but keeping a few dollars in your wallet or using mobile payment apps is the way to go.

#9. Don’t Take a Vacation if You Want To Get Promoted.

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Times have changed, and taking vacation days is now considered a vital aspect of work-life balance. It’s crucial for mental health, and many companies encourage their employees to take time off to recharge.

#10. Call at Night When Phone Rates Go Down.

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In the era of unlimited calling plans, worrying about peak hours seems like a distant memory. Call anytime you want without the fear of inflated phone bills.

#11. Learn To Read a Map.

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While it’s always fun to learn new skills, digital maps, and GPS have made paper maps nearly obsolete. But hey, knowing how to fold a map might earn you some retro points!

#12. Dress for the Job You Want.

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While dressing professionally is important, always showing up in a suit might not be the best strategy for career advancement. Casual is cool in some companies, and being too formal will get you typecast as stuffy.

Opt for a balance between personal style and professional attire. Most importantly, dress to suit the culture at your office. Yes, that includes pantsless remote meetings. Just don’t get up off that chair!

#13. Renting Is for Suckers.

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Buying a house is no longer a guarantee for a comfortable retirement. Renting can actually be a smart financial choice, especially considering skyrocketing housing prices and mortgage rates. It’s not about owning property but finding what suits your lifestyle and budget.

#14. Protect Your Credit Card Imprints.

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In today’s world of chip-and-pin technology, worrying about carbon paper seems quaint. Most likely, many of our readers won’t even know wha that is.

Focus on securing your digital information instead.

#15. Playing Video Games Will Rot Your Brain.

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Turns out, video games can actually enhance cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities. Gaming is also not just a pastime anymore. In fact, a considerable number of people are making a full time living by streaming their game play online, or by taking part in video game championships.

Source: Reddit.

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