Thirst for a Dry Wedding – Navigating the H2O Debate

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Weddings, those extraordinary occasions where love, commitment, and tradition merge in a symphony of celebration, are often as unique as the couples they unite. Every detail, from the dress to the flowers, is carefully chosen to reflect the personalities and values of the bride and groom. But what happens when the choice a couple makes is so unconventional that it leaves their family and friends in disbelief? In a recent online post that lit up social media, a soon-to-be bride found herself in precisely this situation, as she shared her unusual wedding plans.

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The Dry Wedding Choice

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The original poster (OP), a bride-to-be, shares her story, grappling with an unconventional dilemma. OP shared that she and her fiancé were planning a wedding for a sizable guest list, totaling between 100 and 150 people.

What set this wedding apart from the norm was the couple’s decision to have a “dry” celebration, serving only water as the beverage of choice. While the choice of going alcohol-free wasn’t the focal point of the debate, it was the insistence on serving water exclusively that drew a mix of curiosity, support, and criticism.

A Matter of Personal Preference

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OP explained her reasoning behind this choice. The couple was footing the bill themselves, with some financial support from OP’s grandmother, who was indifferent to the beverage decision. The decision to have a dry wedding, according to OP, had nothing to do with the presence of children at the event, as they decided to allow kids.

Rather, it was about the couple’s personal preferences and budget. Both OP and her groom were non-drinkers and rarely indulged in anything other than water, with an occasional glass of juice or milk. Coffee was also notably absent from their daily routines. In addition, they were wary of footing the drinks bill for such a large gathering.

Mixed Reactions

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When the news of their unconventional wedding plans reached the ears of family and friends, it stirred quite a reaction. While some were indifferent to the beverage selection, many expressed their dissatisfaction. Some suggested that the couple should consider a cash bar, an option that would allow guests to purchase their own alcoholic beverages and thus relieve the couple from the expense.

Others felt that even if alcohol was not on the menu, the absence of soda was a letdown. Concerns were raised about how guests, particularly the children, might react to a wedding with water as the sole drink. The fear was that it might result in a boring and uninspired event.

Perplexed, OP turned to the online community to seek advice.

Online Opinions

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Online, the debate raged on. Sea_Rise_1907 argued that while the ceremony might be about the couple, the wedding itself was an event hosted for the guests.

“I know that technically you could be in the right, but here’s the thing about weddings, the marriage ceremony is for you and your fiancé. The wedding is for everyone you’ve invited; it’s an event you’re hosting, and not providing any drinks other than water makes you a bad host/hostess.”

Meanwhile, Quirky-Honeydew-2541, humorously suggested that years later, people might be reminiscing about the unconventional wedding where guests had to sneak in 2-liter bottles of soda, hinting at including at least some beverages at the wedding.

Parched Throats Everywhere

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OrlaCarey advocated for variety in the beverage department, recommending alternatives like iced tea or lemonade. She believed that offering something other than water would enhance the overall celebratory atmosphere, especially for those who rarely drink water, let alone at festive events.

Similarly, Independent-Cat6915 acknowledged the choice of having a dry wedding but insisted on providing at least some options, saying, “Not about making the wedding dry. That’s perfectly fine. But damn, give people some options to drink. Some carbonated water if anything.”

The Verdict

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The debate over the couple’s choice to host a dry wedding with water as the primary beverage option unveils a compelling balance between respecting the couple’s autonomy and ensuring the satisfaction of their guests.

While a wedding should undoubtedly reflect the personalities and values of the couple, it’s also a shared celebration with invited guests who anticipate a certain level of comfort and enjoyment.

As the wedding date draws near, the online community opined that the couple must weigh their personal convictions against the expectations and preferences of their loved ones, navigating the delicate balance between individuality and inclusivity in the realm of weddings.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Do you think the OP from this social media post was wrong?

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