Decoding Gen Z: 10 Most Gen Z Things to Say

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Generation Z, often hailed as the embodiment of the digital age, has a unique way of expressing themselves. From internet-born slang to social commentary, their language is ever-evolving. In a recent social media thread, users from all walks of life shared their insights on what’s the most Gen Z thing to say. Let’s dive into the listicle to discover the quirky and fascinating world of Gen Z communication.

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#1: Situationship

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Many users agree that the word ‘situationship’ is a true Gen-Z invention. A situationship is a romantic or sexual connection that lacks definition and commitment. Individuals in a situationship occupy a space that goes beyond friendship yet falls short of being fully committed as romantic partners. Boomers and Millenials may recognize it as a version of ‘Friends With Benefits.’

#2: “Ok Boomer” to a Millennial

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“I mean, the insult has always been a snarky way of dismissing someone for being old.”

Some users suggested that using the phrase “Ok Boomer” in response to a Millennial is pure Gen Z gold. It’s a lighthearted way to acknowledge generational differences and, in a way, solidifies Gen Z’s distinct identity.

#3: “So, I’m Like, Super Obsessed, Right?”

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“I had to unfollow a lot of fashion instagram for this. Overreacting seems to be the only way to communicate that you like a thing. Like, yes, this is a nice afternoon dress, but did you have to caption it with: ‘I am obsessed, literally screaming and shaking rn, jsdkhsdkjsdk..'”

One commenter mentioned a distinct Gen Z phrase, “Can we talk about how literally obsessed I am with this?” It may seem excessive to some, but it’s all about emphasizing one’s passion for something, and some users noted it can be grating to those who grew up with different language norms.

#4: “Lmao Imagine Wanting to Live”

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Here’s another one: “Lmao imagine wanting to live.” It’s a bit of dark humor, and while Millennials also get it, it’s something Gen Z does really well. Basically, it’s their way of making light of the tough parts of life with some sarcasm.

#5: Saying “Facts” Every Time Someone Agrees

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“Out of all languages you chose to speak in, you chose to speak facts.”

This one’s pretty popular with Gen Z. When they say “Facts,” they’re saying, “I totally agree with you.” It’s a quick and easy way to show that they’re on the same page. You’ll see this a lot in comment sections and group chats, where Gen Z folks like to show their support and solidarity with this simple word.

#6: It’s Giving

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“It’s giving” is one of those phrases that might leave you scratching your head. Even many Gen Zers are puzzled by it! It doesn’t have a super clear meaning, but it’s versatile. They use it as a means to compare one individual or item to another, or to convey a positive assessment of a person or thing’s overall vibe.

#7: Look At All That ‘Rizz’

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“Pete Davidson has some serious rizz!” 

Rizz is an abbreviation for “charisma,” denoting the capacity to easily captivate and enchant individuals. This term has gained popularity in the lexicon of Gen-Z through platforms like TikTok and various social media. It’s important to note that rizz isn’t solely about physical attractiveness, though it can play a role. Rather, it encompasses qualities such as charm and adeptness in flirtation, enabling someone to effortlessly attract romantic or sexual partners.

#8: That’s Cap

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“That’s cap” is a phrase that can be a head-scratcher. Even Gen Z folks sometimes find it overused and not always understood. It’s used to say something is not true, but where it came from is still a bit of a mystery. So, it’s a phrase that leaves many wondering. Just to make it more confusing, ‘no cap’ means it’s true or ‘not a lie.’ It’s not someone forbidding you from wearing hats.

#9: Spilling Tea

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No Gen Z list would be complete without ‘spilling the tea.’ Don’t worry, it’s not a hot beverage (although the spill may still burn someone). The phrase refers to gossip. Asking someone to spill the tea means asking them for gossip, secrets or privileged information.


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“The fact that my immediate response in my head was “who’s your friend who likes to play? BING BONG BING BONG” from Inside Out reminds me that I am old now/obviously have kids.”

Last but not least, “BING BONG” is an enigmatic phrase that defies clear definition. Some users attribute it to being a catchphrase from a TikTok video, but the exact origin and meaning remain shrouded in mystery. It’s likely mostly being used to express excitement or when someone is ‘pumped’ about something. What’s truly intriguing is how quickly “BING BONG” became an internet sensation. It demonstrates the remarkable speed at which internet culture evolves and creates new trends.

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