5 Millennial Habits That Are Totally Different From the Baby Boomers

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The world has changed dramatically in the past few decades, and so have the habits and lifestyles of different generations.

One of the most significant generational shifts has been the rise of the millennial generation, who have grown up with technology, globalization, and changing social norms.

Consequently, millennials have cultivated distinct habits that set them apart from their baby boomer predecessors. These differences encompass a wide range of aspects, including their adeptness with technology, spending behaviors, and even dating preferences. In this context, let’s explore some of the intriguing and substantial disparities between millennials and baby boomers.

#1 Use of Technology

Millennials grew up with technology and use it extensively in their daily lives, while baby boomers had to adapt to it later in life. Millennials have a distinct advantage over baby boomers when it comes to using technology, as they were born in an era where technology was already rapidly evolving. Only 26% of Boomers reported feeling very confident in using technology to achieve the tasks they need to get done.

While both generations are likely to own multiple devices, 65% of Boomers still own a desktop, and 57% use a tablet. Meanwhile, Millennials rely on laptops (70%), with over a quarter of them relying just on a smartphone.

#2 Communication Methods

Millennials prefer to use texting and messaging apps over phone calls, while baby boomers are more likely to call or talk face-to-face.

Communication methods have evolved significantly over time, and millennials have developed a preference for using text messaging and messaging apps over traditional phone calls.

According to a survey by Open Talk, 75% of surveyed millennials would rather use a text-only phone versus one that can only make voice calls. 19% of millennial respondents never check their voicemail and 63% find voice calls disruptive.

Additionally, millennials are more likely to use messaging apps like WhatsApp, which offer additional features like video calls and file sharing. This shift in communication methods has been driven in part by the widespread adoption of smartphones and the ease of use of messaging apps.

#3 Social Media

Millennials are more likely to use social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, while baby boomers tend to use Facebook more.

Social media usage varies significantly across generations, with millennials gravitating towards newer platforms like Instagram and TikTok. According to a 2021 survey by Pew Research Center, 71% of adults aged 18-29 use Instagram, compared to just 13% of adults aged 65 and older.

Similarly, TikTok, a video-based social media platform, has grown in popularity among millennials and Gen-Z, with 48% of users aged 18-29. In contrast, Facebook, which was once the dominant social media platform, is now used more frequently by baby boomers. While 57% of adults aged 65 and older use Facebook, only 36% of adults aged 18-29 use the platform. These trends suggest that social media habits are shaped by generational preferences and the rise of new technologies.

#4 Work-life Balance

Millennials value work-life balance more than baby boomers and are more likely to prioritize flexible work arrangements.

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is an important goal for many people, but millennials are more likely to prioritize this than baby boomers. According to a 2020 survey by Deloitte, a majority of millennials believe that work-life balance is “very important.”

In a 2021 survey by FlexJobs, 82% of millennials said they would be more loyal to their employer if they had flexible work options. This emphasis on work-life balance can be attributed to a number of factors, including a desire for a better quality of life and a shift towards prioritizing experiences over material possessions. 70% of millennials rank travel in their top 2 reasons to work, while Boomers rank it fourth.

#5 Political and Social Activism

While boomers are the original activist generation, these days, millennials are more engaged in social and political issues.

As per a study by the Pew Research Center, 64% of millennials believe that the government should do more to solve problems, while 52% of Boomers prefer a less hands-on government. The younger generation is also more likely to believe that minorities are mistreated in the US and approve of NFL players kneeling as a sign of protest.

65% of millennials voted in the last election, compared to 55% for other generations. Millennials are also the likeliest generation to sign a petition or attend a protest. This engagement extends beyond traditional political activism, with millennials also being more likely to engage in social activism and support causes through online campaigns and social media.

Millennials are also committed to fixing climate issues, with 71% of them believing it should be a top priority versus 57% for boomers. As per Forbes, millennials recycle more, use public transportation and change their shopping habits to address climate issues personally.

Changing Habits Indicate an Evolving Society

The habits and lifestyles of millennials have evolved significantly from those of the baby boomer generation.

From the widespread use of technology and social media to a greater emphasis on work-life balance, health and wellness, diversity and inclusion, and financial management, millennials have developed unique habits and preferences that set them apart from their predecessors.

While these differences may sometimes cause generational divides, they offer a fascinating insight into how society changes and evolves.

As millennials continue to shape and influence the world around us, it will be interesting to see how their habits and preferences continue to evolve in the years to come.

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