12 Things People Confessed To Loving as Gifts but Never Receive as Adults

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When we’re kids, special occasions like Christmas and birthdays often come with great presents. Action figures, dolls, board games, video games, and more eagerly await unwrapping by children worldwide. However, when we get older, the presents get smaller in number and less exciting.

One internet user asked, “Adults, what is something you’d love receiving as a gift but no one even considers giving you because you’re an adult?” These were some of the best answers given in response.

1. Remote-Controlled Vehicles/Toys

One of the top responses was from a user suggesting remote-controlled vehicles, such as cars, planes, and helicopters. The user stated the toys were fun to use when they were eight years old and said they would still find them enjoyable to use now if they received them as gifts.

Other users replied in droves, most agreeing that they miss owning such toys. Others told stories about how they had received remote-controlled vehicles as presents as adults, with several mentioning drones.


When a block builder replied with one word, “LEGO,” others responded en masse. In this case, the vast majority of replies told the original poster that they shouldn’t be denied building block toys in adulthood, as plenty of sets were explicitly designed for grown-ups.

Users happily described how they received LEGO sets for Christmas and birthdays, with some saying which ones they’d received. The lucky people mentioned Harry Potter, Marvel, and the International Space Station as some of the LEGO favorites they own.

3. Board Games and Puzzles

This answer proved extremely popular, as a user put board games and puzzles together as one entry. They elaborated that they often give board games and puzzles as gifts to others, hoping to receive similar in return – but it never happens.

Plenty of users agreed, with some telling the original poster that they’d happily play such games with them and others suggesting ways in which the user could play such games online.

Some users also said they still played board games and puzzles regularly as adults, with examples coming in the form of Harry Potter Scrabble, Sheriff of Nottingham, King of Tokyo, and jigsaw puzzles.

4. Stickers

Stickers were great fun to have as children. We’d put them on everything; walls, windows, toy boxes, school books, and more. A user responded that they’d love to receive stickers as gifts as an adult but also stressed that, while they’d cherish them, they wouldn’t use them on anything.

Hordes of users replied, expressing their shared love of stickers – some of whom even admitted using them as adults – but the most appreciated answer came from someone who suggested buying sheets of magnet paper, putting stickers on it, then cutting them out. That way, you’ve got cool magnets with no need to commit to sticking them to anything permanently.

5. Anything That Glows in the Dark

One user responded, expressing dismay about never receiving gifts that glow in the dark as an adult. Many users agreed, describing their shared love of all things glowy.

Several of the replies suggested to the original poster that they should go and buy some glow-in-the-dark products. The user complied and bought some glow-in-the-dark stars to stick on their walls. Sadly, their apartment complex didn’t allow that, so they had to take them down.

6. Art Kits

When one user said they received art kits regularly as a child, but that came to a halt when they reached college age, the replies were some of the most wholesome in the thread.

Fellow art kits fans spoke of their love of gel pens, crayons, and colored pencils. At the same time, some users pointed the original poster toward some fantastic deals on art kits to treat themselves with, and others described their childhood experiences of receiving art kits as gifts.

7. A Laser Tag Set

Someone specifically responded that they’d love to receive a laser tag set with “at least four guns.” It prompted several replies from users whose own childhood experiences with the popular toy.

However, the funniest (and harshest) reply came from someone saying, “Now you just need some friends.” Ouch. Finally, one confessed their family bought a set from Amazon, and they regularly turn the lights off in the house and go crazy with them.

8. A Princess Tea Party

When we’re younger, part of the birthday gift experience often comes in the form of a party. Sometimes the party can be themed. For example, one woman admitted they’d love to be gifted a princess tea party experience, as nobody ever threw one for them when they were younger.

The replies were lovely, with others inviting the original poster to parties, offering to be their friend so they could join them at a party, and even suggesting places that will throw themed parties for adults.

9. Stuffed Animals

A stuffed animal aficionado shared they’d love to receive stuffed animals as gifts, prompting many users to respond, describing their love of the cuddly toys.

One user stated that a surprisingly high percentage of adults still sleep with a stuffed toy, while others said that they and their partner either collect them or are very upfront about their love of them. You’re never too old for stuffed animals, people!

10. Heelys

Several mentioned wanting Heelys. They’re those roller shoes that have wheels embedded in each sole. Many users agreed, with others suggesting they wouldn’t be brave enough to wear them as adults as they’d risk injuring themselves.

Some replies kindly pointed the original poster toward places that still sell them, and some even said they had a pair (while most of those people described how difficult they were finding them).

11. Plastic Dinosaurs

Ross Gellar, is that you? One user admitted to wanting to receive plastic dinosaurs as gifts. The responses were mainly wholesome and supportive, with some people agreeing and another enthusiastic user saying, “RAAAAARRRRRRR!”

Another admitted that their 28-year-old boyfriend buys himself a plastic dinosaur figurine whenever they venture to a particular craft store. You can never have too many plastic dinosaurs!

12. Flowers

Finally, this response came from a gentleman who complained, “As a man, we never receive them.” Another male user responded, saying he regularly buys flowers “for his wife,” but she knows he’s buying them for himself, prompting several men to admit doing the same thing.

It’s true, though – gentlemen rarely receive flowers as gifts. Most don’t receive them until their funerals. So perhaps it’s something that needs to be normalized in the 21st century.

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