14 Boomers Let Their Feelings About ‘Ok, Boomer’ Be Known

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While cruising social media, we discovered a polarizing trend that has sparked heated debates across generations: the infamous phrase “OK Boomer.” This simple yet loaded expression, often used to dismiss or mock the baby boomer generation, has ignited a firestorm of opinions and emotions.

We delved into this digital discourse and collected a range of responses to the question, “Does ‘OK Boomer’ offend you?” From heartfelt reflections on generational divides to humorous takes on the matter, these diverse perspectives shed light on the complex dynamics of age and identity in today’s society.

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#1 It’s Offensive

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Expressing offense, one user perceives the remark as intended disdain, stating, “Yes, because that is the intent of the remark. It’s used to show the abject disdain that someone younger has for someone older. It’s no different than when we would toss off a snarky reply to our parents.”

#2 Always the Attitude Towards Older Generation

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Reflecting on the historical context of generational disagreements, another commenter mentions, “There is a song by Billy Joel, called ‘We didn’t start the fire,’ that illustrates that this attitude toward an older generation has been going on since there have been parents, grandparents, and teenagers & young adults just starting out.”

#3 Every Generation Has Criticized the Next

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Sharing the perspective that every generation has criticized the next, a user notes, “Every generation has disparaged the next one.”

#4 No Offense, Millennial Daughters Squash Me Into Place

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Discussing personal experiences and the importance of open communication, a respondent mentions, “For me, not in the slightest. I have two (smarter than I am) millennial daughters who regularly squash me into place if I overstep the bounds of my knowledge.”

#5 No Offense, Daughters Still Rely on Me for Guidance

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Expressing a lack of offense and highlighting their daughters’ reliance on them for guidance, another user humorously remarks, “And they still love me, regardless of how often I need assistance with modern technology!”

#6 Valid if I Act Like a Boomer, Which I Like To.

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Responding with humor to the question, a commenter quips, “Only if they say it after I tell the same story more than twice. LOL, I will do that given the chance.”

#7 A Way for People To Give Up

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Describing ‘OK Boomer’ as a last resort when people can’t prove their point, a user explains, “OK Boomer” is resignation. We give up.”

#8 It’s Literally Meant To Be Offensive

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Characterizing the phrase as offensive due to its ageist nature, a respondent asserts, “Because it’s literally meant to be offensive. It’s telling someone they are unimportant purely because of their age.”

#9 Ageism Is Alive

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Reflecting on the impact of ageism in society, another commenter emphasizes, “Ageism is alive and well in our society, and it was also alive and well when baby boomers were young.”

#10 It’s Amusing

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Chiming in on the discussion, a user mentions, “As an Asian boomer, it’s more amusing than offensive. But ageism isn’t cool, just like any other -ism isn’t.”

#11 Acknowledge the Evolving World

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Offering an insightful perspective, a respondent argues, “OK Boomer is less about offense and more about acknowledging the evolving world. It’s not offensive to me; it’s an acknowledgment that my knowledge might be outdated.”

#12 I Take It in Stride

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Acknowledging the generational gap, another user mentions, “Being a boomer, I take it in stride. It’s no different from when we said, ‘Don’t trust anyone over 30.”

#13 Boomer or Noob?

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Taking a light-hearted approach, a commenter adds, “I can’t get offended by ‘OK Boomer.’ My kids called me a ‘noob’ before. Now that hurts!”

#14 Inevitable Way of the World

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Reflecting on the inevitability of generational differences, a user humorously notes, “’It doesn’t offend me; it’s the inevitable way of the world. We all age and become ‘outdated’ in the eyes of the younger generation.'”

These additional responses contribute to the diversity of opinions surrounding the ‘OK Boomer’ phrase, shedding light on various perspectives regarding generational interactions and the impact of such remarks.

Are you a boomer? Are you offended by this phrase? Let us know in the comments!

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