Is There Something Going On Between His Girlfriend and Sister?

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Running a bakery business can be a challenging task, and when you’re short-staffed, it can be even more difficult.

M’s sister runs a successful bakery but has been short-staffed recently. She makes a lot of wedding cakes that require fillings like custard or marmalade, which means that she has to spend a lot of time making these fillings. To help her out, M offered to make the fillings at home and bring them to her.

Girlfriend Can’t Keep Her Hands To Herself

However, M’s girlfriend, a 24-year-old woman, has been causing problems by dipping her fingers into the filling jars and contaminating them. Despite M’s repeated requests to use a spoon instead of her fingers, she continued to do so, claiming that she liked using her fingers because it took her back to her childhood.

On this particular day, M was rushing to finish some chocolate custard to send it over to his sister, who was already running late on a wedding cake order for an important client. He explicitly told his girlfriend not to eat the custard, and if she really wanted to, she should use a spoon. However, when he returned from the shower, he found her again with her fingers in the jar.

Frustrated and angry, M yelled at his girlfriend and told her to “stop f***ing eating” the food he was making, as it was not for her and she was contaminating it. His girlfriend started crying and accused him of “fat-shaming” her, even though M had made no comments about her weight or eating habits. He also notes that his girlfriend has no history of weight issues or eating disorders that would have caused her to feel particularly hurt by his reaction.

Intentional Sabotage?

Understanding that his words may have been harsh, M reached out to the Reddit community to determine if he was justified in his reaction or should reconsider his actions.

As comments poured in, over 80K users agreed with Harmonia_PASB’s simple question,

“Does she also wear a diaper and draw on the walls with crayons because it reminds her of her childhood?”

M’s actions may have been harsh, but it’s understandable why he lost his temper. His girlfriend’s behavior was not only disrespectful but also put his sister’s business in jeopardy. He had repeatedly asked her to stop and had even given her an alternative way to taste the fillings, but she continued to disregard his requests.

Historical_Divide673 shares M’s frustration and says,

“What grown-a** adult can’t just grab a spoon and HAS to dip their fingers into food?”

On the other hand, Acegirl1985 raised suspicion regarding the girlfriend’s motive,

“Is there maybe a reason she doesn’t want you to help your sister? This feels like sabotage. Like really blatant sabotage, especially since you always catch her doing it.

“Is she maybe jealous? Maybe she feels you helping your sister is taking attention from her. Maybe she’s just a miserable witch with a capital b and just doesn’t like your sister.”

Many users shared the same sentiment and questioned if there was any tension between the sister and girlfriend because intentional sabotage is impossible to ignore.

The Verdict

Based on the input from thousands of users, the consensus is that M’s girlfriend is the one who is in the wrong. She needs to understand the gravity of her actions and the consequences they have for others. It’s not about her childhood memories or personal preferences; it’s about respecting other people’s work and effort. If she can’t do that, she must stop interfering with M’s efforts to help his sister and find another way to satisfy her cravings.

You can read the full thread here.

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