I Ditched My Husband To Go On A Solo Vacation Instead – He Deserved It.

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We stumbled upon an intriguing social media post, where a couple’s dream vacation to New Orleans took an unexpected turn. This tale revolves around a disagreement over travel plans and raises questions about priorities and commitments in a relationship. Let’s delve into the details of how this couple navigated the rocky road to their vacation destination.

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Planning the Dream Vacation

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A couple in their early thirties, OP (29) and her husband (32) had eagerly planned a week-long vacation to New Orleans in the United States. The preparations for this trip had been ongoing for months, and while both were involved, OP took the lead in researching and planning the itinerary. She booked their hotel, made reservations at restaurants they wanted to try, and created a list of places to visit.

Ticket Troubles

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As the departure date approached, OP regularly checked in with her husband to ensure he had requested time off work and purchased the plane tickets, as agreed upon in March. However, three weeks before the trip, he had only secured time off and had not yet bought the tickets. When they finally looked online, ticket prices had surged to around $1500 per ticket, causing her husband to hesitate, hoping for a price drop.

A Lonely Vacation

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The tension escalated when, just before the trip, OP’s husband suggested canceling everything and having a staycation instead. OP, who had invested a significant amount of time planning, was not willing to cancel.

She chose to buy just one ticket for herself and embarked on the journey alone. Her husband, who had initially intended to join her, now insisted on coming along but was met with the condition of getting his own hotel room. The situation left them in a heated argument, with OP seeking advice on whether she was wrong for going on the vacation without her husband.

Online Opinions

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Outrageously_Penguin couldn’t believe how the husband acted, saying,

“I don’t know (what) your husband’s deal is, but he acted like a real a**e. I don’t know if he deliberately sabotaged the trip or just didn’t care enough to follow through on his tiny piece of things, but you were absolutely right to not let him ruin the trip for you, and he sure as hell shouldn’t be booking an expensive plane ticket to come join you now. I hope he’ll be ready with a massive apology when you get home.”

Buntkrundleman also blamed the husband for the fiasco:

“He should have said it was out of the budget when he first checked. If it was 1400 at first or something, the convo should have been: we can’t afford 2800$ for flights; they have to come down to X for this to meet our budget. Instead, he just kicked the can down the line until he passed the garbage and said oops, it’s too late.”

More Support Pours In

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Muderkittin advised OP to enjoy her well-earned vacation and wondered why she didn’t just buy the tickets, saying,

“OP… shut your phone off. And if there are people you MUST have contact you, get a burner phone and share the number with those couple people. He doesn’t get to ruin this… after basically ruining it. (Although I am curious why you didn’t buy the tickets… no blame, I get the principle of it. And ultimately, this is his L, not yours). Go have fun sis!”

Finally, MolOllChar_x3 suggested that OP’s husband likely didn’t want to go in the first place.

“He obviously wasn’t interested in going, seemed to purposely put it off, then “Oops, waited too long so now we can do nothing.” What a joy he must be.”

The Verdict

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The online response to this story overwhelmingly supported OP, with most comments placing the blame on her husband for the vacation dilemma. Commenters expressed sympathy for OP and criticized her husband’s actions.

Additionally, some speculated that OP’s husband might not have been genuinely interested in the trip from the start, further emphasizing his lack of commitment. In summary, the general consensus was that OP was not at fault for going on the vacation alone, given the circumstances, and her husband bore the responsibility for the situation.

Source: Reddit.

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