Disagreement With Brother-in-Law Turns Into a Family Feud

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In a recent incident, a woman had a disagreement with her brother-in-law over eating a pastry in his car, which ultimately led to a heated argument and caused tensions between her and her husband’s family.

The Situation

The incident began when the woman, OP (original poster), was in a car with her brother-in-law. She claims that her hands started shaking due to hunger, and she decided to eat a pastry she had bought. However, her brother-in-law objected to her eating in his car, citing concerns about crumbs and other mess.

Feeling annoyed and frustrated, OP asked her brother-in-law to pull over, so she could eat her pastry, to which he complied. However, since she was still annoyed at him for not letting her eat in the car, she just walked home while eating her pastry.

Her brother-in-law repeatedly asked her to get back in the car because he feared that OP’s husband would be upset with him for letting his wife walk home. Being too upset, OP walked the entire distance home.

Escalating Tension Between The Family

As expected, the situation escalated to the point where OP’s husband became angry with his brother, and the two had a heated argument over the incident.

OP’s husband later expressed his disappointment with her for being stubborn and not letting his brother drive her home.

The incident has caused significant tensions between the woman and her brother-in-law, with the latter asking her during arguments if she’s going to start sulking like before.

Ask for Help

OP is finding her brother-in-law’s recent comments even more aggravating, and their relationship continues to deteriorate. She shared her experience on Reddit and asked the community to help determine whether she was wrong.

TheDrunkScientist accurately pointed out,

“He complied and pulled over so you could eat. Then you proceeded to act like a toddler because he….did exactly as you asked?”

Heavy_Sand5228 agreed that OP’s brother-in-law complied with her demand, which seemed to be the perfect compromise for both adults,

“How dare he figure out a solution that took both of their wants into consideration.

“I don’t understand what OP even got “annoyed” about to walk home for in the first place. He literally accommodated her.”

MichaSound pointed an important fact that may help OP in the future,

“And it’s a pastry- literally the messiest thing you could eat. If you get like this, you need to start carrying some hard candies or protein bars or something for emergencies, not spaffing crumbs in every direction.”

And for any readers who were still unsure how the Reddit community felt about OP’s issue, here’s Zutthole summarizing it perfectly,

“You literally HAD to eat a pastry that second? You were so desperate for energy, literally shaking, yet you were able to walk home to prove a point? If it wasn’t that far of a walk, then it would have been an even shorter drive—surely you could have waited to stuff your face.

“I think you’re a control freak. If him bringing up how you act gets on your nerves, then maybe don’t act that way. And learn to be patient.”

The Verdict

Overall, the verdict was loud and clear that OP was immature and acting like a child in more than one way. The popular opinion was that OP could either wait to get home or be happy with the compromise that her brother-in-law pulled over to let her eat.

Do you agree or do you support her stance?

You can find the full story here on Reddit.

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