10 Controversial Questions About Christianity That You Wouldn’t Dare Ask a Christian

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Christianity, like any other religion, is a tapestry woven with diverse threads of beliefs, interpretations, and practices. For those who follow this faith, asking questions about their religion is a natural part of deepening their understanding. However, there are often queries that remain unspoken, hesitating on the tip of our tongues because we fear they might come across as impolite or contentious. In this list, we dive into a social media thread where people asked a fascinating array of questions about Christianity that you might not typically ask a Christian face-to-face.

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#1 Do you believe all your non-Christian friends are gonna go to Hell?

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“Do you believe all your non-Christian friends are gonna go to Hell? How do you reconcile this with ‘people should be allowed to believe what they like’?”

The concept of Hell and its implications often loom large in religious discussions. This question delves into the challenging theological aspect of Christianity. Many users agree that it’s a thought-provoking query, asking how Christians reconcile the belief in Hell with the idea that people have the right to their own beliefs.

#2 Do you thank or blame God?

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“When something goes well in your life, or something good happens, do you thank God? When something goes bad in your life or something horrid happens, do you blame God? It always struck me as odd to credit God with being responsible for the good in your life but then not to see him as culpable for the bad.”

This question touches upon the age-old practice of attributing life’s ups and downs to divine influence. It’s a paradox that leaves many users pondering – why credit God for the good but not hold Him accountable for the bad?

#3 What’s the point of praying or freewill?

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“What is the point in prayer if it’s all part of God’s plan? Or freewill if it’s all part of God’s plan?”

The role of prayer and the concept of free will within the framework of God’s plan have been topics of theological contemplation for ages. This question highlights a fascinating dilemma faced by many Christians, inviting us to explore the mysteries of faith.

#4 Can God change His mind?

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“Do you believe God can change His mind? If an angel came down with a tablet tomorrow that said, ‘Christianity 2.0: We’re bringing back the kosher laws, and Hell has been given a ten-year maximum sentence,’ would you follow it?”

The question of whether God can change His mind opens the door to intriguing theological discussions. It’s a hypothetical scenario that challenges the boundaries of faith, and it’s a question that prompts us to consider the dynamics of divine authority.

#5 How do you know Christianity is the right faith?

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“How do you know you have the right faith? I’m sure Hindus halfway around the world feel it just as deeply as you do. Why would God condemn vast swathes of the population simply for being born in the wrong society?”

The question of the “right” faith is universal and thought-provoking. Many users agree that it raises profound inquiries about the nature of faith, divine guidance, and the diversity of belief systems. It challenges the assumption that one’s own faith is inherently superior and highlights the complexity of religious pluralism in a global context.

#6 Why did God create sinners?

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“If God is all-knowing, therefore he knew when he created us we would become sinners and the majority of people would go to hell. So why did he create us?”

The query about God’s intent in creating humans despite knowing the potential for sin challenges the mysteries of divine purpose and human existence. Many users find this question deeply philosophical and deserving of contemplation.

#7 Couldn’t God have just not created evil?

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“Couldn’t God have just not created evil or said, ‘Adam and Eve couldn’t have possibly known what they were doing was wrong, because they had no knowledge of right and wrong. Plus I put curiosity in them so it’s sort of my fault they ate from the tree of knowledge.’ If God had created everything and knew what would happen, since it’s God, why didn’t he just take it as a mistake on his part and moved on?”

This question delves into the moral and ethical dimensions of divine creation and human choice. It’s a hypothetical scenario that sparks theological debates about the nature of responsibility in the grand design.

#8 The Unreachable Corners

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“If Jesus is the only path to salvation, why put humans on the far corners of the earth where they have zero possibility of hearing about Jesus? Or do you believe those people go to some type of limbo while they await an opportunity to be judged?”

The question of salvation’s accessibility has perplexed many. It challenges the boundaries of divine justice and mercy, prompting us to ponder the fate of those who may never hear about Jesus.

#9 Denominational Delight

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“Okay, I feel this is offensive to say out loud but, how is it possible you say you’re a very devout Christian, but when I say which denomination you follow, you have no idea. Isn’t that…like on the building or something?”

The complexity of Christian denominations can be bewildering. This question humorously highlights the challenge of navigating the diverse denominational landscape while emphasizing that faith goes beyond the label on the building.

#10 When did the words of the Bible become a la carte?

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“When did the words of the Bible become a la carte? EXAMPLE: Let’s ignore divorce, eating pork, and loving the neighbor, but let’s persecute people who have abortions or are Gay because the Bible says that’s not okay.”

This comment raises the question of selective interpretation of religious texts, particularly the Bible. The term “cherry-picking” suggests the practice of choosing and emphasizing certain verses while disregarding others, creating a customized set of beliefs. It’s a topic that has sparked debates within religious communities, as different individuals and groups prioritize different aspects of scripture according to their own beliefs and values.

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