10 Company Secrets Revealed by Former Employees

Woman telling secret to her friend and astonishing her while drinking coffee

Companies often have hidden secrets that they prefer to keep concealed from the public eye. However, some brave individuals have come forward to spill the beans, sharing intriguing insider knowledge from their past workplaces.

From corporate cover-ups to shocking revelations, here are ten company secrets that former employees are finally unveiling.

#1 Insurance Companies

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When it comes to insurance claims, companies often count on customers accepting initial denials without further action.

Former employees reveal that the denial is often a calculated strategy, banking on the assumption that many won’t escalate the issue. By standing your ground and demanding a thorough review, you may be able to overturn a decision that was meant to discourage further pursuit.

#2 Mortgage Industry

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Working in the mortgage industry can be akin to being a cop: only answer what is asked, no more and no less.

Employees in this industry revealed that they are trained to provide minimal information to avoid any potential liability. This practice can leave customers feeling frustrated, but it’s a reminder to be specific with your questions and request additional details if needed.

#3 Behind the Scenes of Oprah Winfrey’s Show

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According to a former employee, even the queen of daytime television, Oprah Winfrey, had her secrets.

In post-production, the show’s editors were tasked with smoothing out imperfections, such as her arm “waddles.” This behind-the-scenes manipulation aimed to present a picture-perfect image of the beloved TV host.

#4 Beauty Brands Bait-And-Switch

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Cosmetic enthusiasts may be surprised to learn that L’Oréal and Lancôme, two popular beauty brands, offer strikingly similar products. However, the price disparity can be quite substantial, with Lancôme costing an extra $20 for essentially the same formulation.

It’s a testament to the power of branding and perceived prestige in the cosmetics industry.

#5 The Sprite Zero Switcheroo

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Have you ever wondered about the difference between Diet Sprite and Sprite Zero? Former employees reveal that they are, in fact, identical.

Companies sometimes rebrand and redesign products without changing the recipe, hoping to attract different consumer segments or breathe new life into a tired brand. It’s all about differentiated marketing.

#6 The Dark Side of Hotel Housekeeping

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Working in housekeeping at a major hotel chain exposed one individual to a shocking truth—the number of suicides and natural deaths that occur within hotel rooms is surprisingly high.

Behind the scenes, the hospitality industry must handle such tragic events with discretion while ensuring the comfort and safety of their guests. Therefore, you will hardly ever know if someone had died in your assigned room.

#7 Customer Care’s Watchful Eye

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Ever felt like your customer service chats were being monitored? Former customer care representatives confirm that they had access to view customers’ typed messages before hitting “send.”

This practice provided an opportunity to prepare responses in advance and possibly anticipate the customer’s needs or concerns.

#8 Home Depot’s Fake Security Cameras

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If you’ve ever assumed that Home Depot’s security cameras were actively monitoring the store, think again. Former employees reveal that most of the cameras are fake, serving as a deterrent rather than actual surveillance tools.

#9 Telecommunications

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Avoiding regulatory penalties In the broadband industry, former employees mentioned that they were tasked with editing customer complaints to avoid substantial fines from regulatory bodies. This practice highlights the lengths some companies go to manipulate the perception of their service quality and avoid penalties.

#10 Casinos

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Ever wonder just how closely you’re being watched at a casino? Former surveillance employees divulge that from their elevated positions, they had the ability to zoom in on money and read the serial numbers on the table games. Policies often prohibited invasive actions such as looking down blouses, but we advise you to be mindful anyway.

Did Any Surprise You?

Woman telling secret to her friend and astonishing her while drinking coffee
Image Credit: Wavebreakmedia /Depositphotos.com.

As these secrets come to light, it’s essential to remember that they represent isolated incidents from individual perspectives on social media. Nonetheless, they offer a glimpse into the hidden corners of various industries and serve as a reminder to question and investigate the practices of the companies we engage with.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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