In the Year 4040, “Boomers” Were a Mythical Race of Superhumans Who Once Filled the Earth. What Sort of Powers and Magics Did They Wield?

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Based entirely on stereotypes, join us as we read a series of hilarious social media comments about the mythical abilities that made Boomers the stuff of legends in the year 4040. If you’re a Boomer yourself, remember to take these as they are intended: good-natured intergenerational ribbing! The Boomers in our office certainly had a laugh.

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#1: The Sonic Boom Masters

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In the year 4040, “Boomers” were a mythical race of superhumans known for their incredible powers. Many users agree that one of their most awe-inspiring abilities was their power to release a sonic boom that could make younger lifeforms regret living. These sonic booms were legendary, and some suggest they were used to keep the younger generations in check. The sheer force of these sonic blasts was said to be able to shake the very foundations of buildings, making them a force to be reckoned with.

#2: Economic Titans

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Another remarkable trait of these “Boomers” was their extraordinary economic prowess. They could comfortably support an entire family off of a single unskilled job. Some users pointed out that this wasn’t meant to be negative or insulting to Boomers but rather highlighted the stark economic differences between their time and the world their descendants lived in. It was a testament to their financial stability and the robustness of the economy during their era.

#3: The Handshake Job Offer

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Securing a job was a breeze for the Boomers. They possessed the unique power to land a job with simply a strong, firm handshake. This incredible skill left many in awe, as the job market in their time was nothing short of competitive. It’s safe to say that a strong handshake was the secret to their success in the professional realm.

#4: Eternal Employment

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Some users humorously noted that even in the distant future of 4040, Boomers were still holding down their same jobs. They would admonish their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren for not planning enough for their future. It seemed that Boomers had the remarkable ability to maintain job security across centuries, a feat that baffled many.

#5: Resource Consumption Titans

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The Boomers were infamous for their power to consume vast resources with wanton disregard for future generations. This ability to consume without consequences left a lasting impact on the environment, and some users couldn’t help but marvel at their audacity. It was a time when the concept of sustainability was a mere whisper in the wind.

#6: The Perpetual Rightness

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One of the most perplexing powers of the Boomers was their unshakable belief that they were always right. Even if the facts, science, public opinion, etc., said otherwise, THEY WERE ALWAYS RIGHT. This uncanny ability to defy logic and reason in the face of overwhelming evidence made them a formidable force in debates and discussions.

#7: Grandchild Embarrassment Masters

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They say that the Boomers could embarrass their grandchildren without feeling the slightest hint of remorse. It was a power that transcended generations, and their grandkids often found themselves at the receiving end of embarrassing stories, fashion choices, and anecdotes. Some users suggested that this was a superhuman ability born out of a timeless desire to impart life lessons.

#8: The Power of Complaint

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The Boomers possessed the power to complain so vigorously that people’s heads would explode. This talent was so notorious that the much-feared high priestesses of complaint, known as “Karens,” were said to be able to destroy an entire manager in a single self-entitled rampage. It was a power to be reckoned with and, at times, a source of both frustration and amusement for those who witnessed it.

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