10 Boomer Complaints That Everyone Agrees With

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Are you ever scrolling through social media and come across something that makes you think, “I’m with the Boomers on this one!”? Well, you’re not alone. A social media thread captured Baby Boomers as they shared their experiences and frustrations, and we’ve collected some of the best gems that hit the mark. Let us dive into the world of everyday gripes that have us nodding our heads in agreement with the Boomers.

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#1 – Automated Phone Systems

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“Sorry. I didn’t understand your response. Goodbye.”

Have you ever called a business and found yourself lost in an automated phone system maze that seems designed to baffle you? Many users agree that these systems can be a real pain. It’s like trying to solve a riddle while listening to hold music. Sometimes, all we want is to talk to a real person without the endless prompts and button-pressing.

#2 – Concert Ticket Pricing

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The rising cost of concert tickets had Baby Boomers shaking their heads. Some reminisced about attending free and low cost concerts in their youth. These days, even if you finally make it to the concert, the prices for a simple beer can make your wallet feel empty. It’s a tough pill to swallow when you just want to enjoy some live music without breaking the bank.

#3 – App-Required Businesses

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“..Or just having to make an account in general. All you need is my credit card information.”

Some users find it frustrating when businesses insist on using apps for their services. From ordering food to accessing your accounts, it can be a hassle to download yet another app, create an account, and remember another password. What’s more, when these apps are glitchy or poorly designed, it’s a real headache.

#4 – Unstructured Outdoor Play

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“I will never be okay with little kids being given tablets and unrestricted access to the internet. I think it’s good to distract kids in times of anxiety, and in situations like waiting rooms where there is little they can do to self-stimulate. But other times are opportunities for the kid to find out what they really like doing.”

Here’s a point where many users agree with the Boomers: kids should engage in unstructured outdoor play. Instead of micromanaging every moment, just keep them safe and let them be kids. They’ll come up with creative activities and games on their own. It’s a reminder that sometimes, less is more.

#5 – The Volume of Everything

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“Restaurants are far too loud. I want to be able to enjoy some conversation with my friends over dinner, not have to shout like I’m ordering an overpriced beer at a Slaughter to Prevail concert.”

In a world where everything seems cranked up to eleven, it’s not surprising that many users think things are just too loud. Whether it’s blaring music, noisy traffic, or ear-piercing advertisements, the call for turning down the volume is a common sentiment.

#6 – News Stories as Video Clips

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“..or all the damn ads that make trying to read a story on a phone almost impossible.”

Ever come across a news story or article that’s available only as a video clip? Many users wonder why they can’t just read the information instead of having to watch a video. Just print what you’re trying to report, they say.

#7 – Lawn Intruders

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“For real. I have kids in my neighborhood that ride their bikes over my lilies and lavender. I want to put spikes in my yard…. but I won’t, cause I can’t afford to be sued.”

One user shared a hilarious solution to a neighborhood problem. Fed up with mischievous neighborhood kids trampling over their hard work, they installed an automated sprinkler system. This way, they can keep the pesky intruder at bay while enjoying a good laugh. It’s a unique take on problem-solving that many users identified with.

#8 – Recording Everything

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“I went to a concert last month. I decided I wasn’t going to constantly try to record because I really just wanted to enjoy the show. I’m so glad I did because you can find videos every where from their North American tour, including the show I went to.”

Are you tired of attending a concert or event only to find your view obstructed by a sea of smartphones held high? It’s a sentiment shared by many users who feel that the sea of screens can be a real buzzkill. After all, shouldn’t we enjoy the moment without constantly recording it?

#9 – Social Media and Children

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The question of whether children should have unrestricted access to the internet is a hot topic. Many Boomers argue that unrestricted access is unhealthy. They raise concerns about screen time, cyberbullying, and the need for responsible online parenting. It’s a conversation that keeps evolving, but is hard to argue against.

#10 – Touchscreens in Cars

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“I get a touchscreen to use a GPS interface or something, but radio and AC controls need to be physical buttons. That’s the stuff I’m likely to mess with while driving. I can use physical buttons and dials without taking my eyes off the road, but everything being touch controls is distracting.”

Most users agreed that this modern convenience can be a headache. With physical knobs and buttons being replaced by screens, it can be tricky to make adjustments on the go. Sometimes, simpler is better, and buttons are easier to use while keeping your eyes on the road.

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