“Birthdays Aren’t a Big Deal Anymore After 21” – The Story of a Birthday Ruined

A woman holding a birthday cake with lit candles is crying.

Birthdays are an occasion to celebrate life and show appreciation for the people we love. It’s a day when we feel special and cherished, surrounded by the people we hold dear.

But what happens when the people we expect to celebrate with are nowhere to be found, or worse, they ruin the occasion?

This was the case for a social media user who posted about how her 28th birthday was ruined by her husband. OP (original poster) is a stay-at-home mom taking care of a child with complex medical and behavioral needs. She is also the planner and giver of the family, planning birthdays and holidays for everyone, but when it came to her birthday, all she wanted was a day off and some help with the kids.

However, her husband complained of a sore throat, despite having no visible symptoms and spent the entire day playing video games. He napped all day while she made her own birthday cake, took care of the kids, and did her usual chores.

When she decided to salvage what was left of her day by taking the cake to her parent’s house, he called and asked why she had left, and she told him that he had ruined her birthday. He called her back and said that she was overreacting and that birthdays aren’t a big deal anymore after 21.

Are Birthdays a Big Deal After 21?

This Reddit post received a flood of responses from different users, but the majority of them agreed that the husband was inconsiderate and that the wife was not in the wrong for wanting to feel special and appreciated on her birthday.

One user, Honest_Panda198, commented,

“Yeah…he sounds like a jerk. And his priorities are pretty clear. Even if it wasn’t your birthday, you asked for something, you needed to feel loved and appreciated, and he didn’t provide. He’s the AH here not you.

“On a side note, I hope your parents made you feel special and happy birthday!”

Another user, Live-Platypus3378, added,

“Absolutely, and I think I have something else to add. There may be some people who say, “you don’t know how sick he felt on the inside.” I agree; he could have been miserable and needed to sleep; OP isn’t a doctor… but none of that matters! I’m a guy, and it would take an insane amount of pain for me to not put together something for my partner. Especially if I knew it was important to her. It’s like when you’re exhausted, and you stay up Christmas Eve to put together the presents so Santa can give your kids a magical day.

“You find the strength from within. Your wife gave birth; you can do this. OP, I feel sorry for you and hope you find someone who appreciates you.

It’s not just about the birthday; it’s about feeling appreciated and valued in the relationship.

The wife had planned a weekend away for her husband’s birthday, but when it came to hers, all she asked for was a break and some help with the kids. It’s not too much to ask for a little appreciation from the person you love and care for every day.

Some users pointed out that it was not just about the husband’s behavior on her birthday but his attitude towards birthdays in general.

One user, Cynthea12, commented,

“Also- she planned a weekend away for his birthday?? But I thought no one cares about birthdays after 21….”

It’s important to remember that every relationship is different, and what may work for one couple may not work for another. However, showing appreciation and respect for the people we love is essential, especially on special occasions like birthdays.

The wife was not asking for anything extravagant; she just wanted a little help and appreciation on her special day.

As one user, 3Dog_Nitz, pointed out,

“You did your job in communicating what you wanted. The fact that he did not show any concern for you shows a lot. Caregivers need care too!”

The Verdict

The majority of Reddit users supported the wife throughout the scenario, suggesting that the husband ought to have been more empathetic toward his wife’s emotions.

It’s important to remember that birthdays are not just about gifts or cake; they’re about celebrating or making someone feel special.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Do you think OP from the social media post was in the wrong?

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