5 Best AI Story Generators of 2023 (Ranked & Reviewed)

AI story generator

Struggling to find the right words? You can use artificial intelligence (AI) story generators to move your story forward.

Storytelling is essential for creative writers, marketers, novice writers, or anyone who wants to write a story. Whatever your writing goals are, AI story generators can aid you in educating and entertaining your readers.

Our team has ranked and reviewed the top 5 AI story generators of 2023 based on the features, pricing, and the AI tool’s usage in creating a story.

What Are the Best AI Story Generators?

Jasper is one of the most popular AI story generators on this list. You can breeze through the writing process using the use cases and templates.

Try the Creative Story template to generate your story. Simply input the plot details and provide Jasper with a context. You can also customize it by selecting the appropriate tone of voice. Once you have added the information, click “Generate” so Jasper can craft a new story.

You can use the long-form assistant template to write any blog, short story, or long-form tale. It is suitable for simple story-writing tasks and marketing content. Develop your idea on Jasper by describing your piece and adding relevant keywords to produce high-quality content.


  • 50+ templates for specific functions like creating stories, blog posts, etc.
  • 20,000 words per month, scalable plan available
  • Supports 25+ languages
  • Grammarly Basic included
  • Copyscape for plagiarism checker
  • Collaborative editing
  • Create projects and folders to keep your team organized


  • Starter ($29 per month) – This plan is ideal for small groups or short-form copywriters. Use up to 35,000 words per month.
  • Boss Mode ($59 per month) – You can use up to 100,000 words per month through this plan. It’s perfect for long-form content writers.
  • Business (Custom plan) – You can get a quote from Jasper AI if you want to create a custom plan with flexible billing choices.

Our Verdict:

Jasper can turn boring sentences into conversational texts. It’s excellent if you need an extra eye for detecting weak parts of your content.

You can speed up your writing tasks and improve your long-form content like books, blogs, and novels. Jasper also has Grammarly integration which lets you edit and correct your work within the platform. Overall, it’s a well-rounded tool for every long-form writing use.

Use Anyword to generate new ideas and spruce up your stories or content for your website.

It has a rewriter tool to fine-tune your written drafts. The Content Improver tool can enhance text readability, and the Sentence Expander is a quick fix when you’re out of ideas for blogs or a website copy.

If you’re a copywriter, a practical feature for your copy is the Predictive Performance Score and Analytics tool. It shows the age and demographics of the customers who may relate to your work before you publish it online.


  • Up to 30,000 words credit per month
  • Templates for email, blogs, product descriptions, social media, ad copy, and more
  • Sentence rewriter tool
  • 100+ AI writing tools
  • Landing page tool
  • 30 Languages
  • Multiple accounts
  • Real-time predictive performance score and analytics


  • Free – Access 1,000 words credits per month along with the AI writing tools, Blog Post Wizard for blogging, and one account.
  • Basic ($24/mo) – You can use 20,000-word credits per month. It’s sufficient for short or long-form content. The plan also lets you use 30 languages and multiple accounts.
  • Data-driven ($83/mo) – This plan includes the 30,000 monthly word credits. You also have access to all the tools from the first two tiers. In this plan, you can use Real-time Predictive Performance Scores.

Our Verdict:

Anyword makes it more manageable for writers and content marketers to create outputs that resonate with the audience. You can use all the tools and use cases in writing, editing, and publishing works like flash fiction, short stories, anthologies, blogs, ad copy, and other written works.

Although compared to other AI story generators on this list, Anyword offers fewer monthly word credits. For example, Jasper offers 35,000 words per month for their lowest tier. Meanwhile, you can have 30,000-word credits per month if you have Anyword’s data-driven tier ($83).

You can use Rytr to eliminate predictive storylines and repetitive sentences. Rytr’s Story Plot generator is designed for writers who want to compose short stories or novelists who need assistance moving their storylines ahead.

With Rytr, you can select to write with up to 30+ languages in their system. You can also pick a tone of voice when writing a story. Just choose “Story Plot” and add your story ideas before clicking the “Ryte for me” button. Rytr will finish generating the plot in a few seconds.


  • 30+ languages
  • Up to unlimited characters per month
  • 40+ templates for content for blogs, ad copy, social media, and other writing materials
  • 20+ tones
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Dedicated account manager


  • Basic: Free – Get 10,000 words per month, 40+ use cases, plagiarism checker, and more.
  • Saver ($9/month) – Generate 100,000 words per month, use all the free trial features and make your templates.
  • Unlimited ($29/month) – Enjoy all the features from the Basic and Saver tiers. Additionally, you gain unlimited words per month, a dedicated account manager, and priority email or chat support.

Our Verdict:

Rytr excels both at content creation, copywriting, and story plot writing. This AI writing tool offers a variety of templates to help any writer generate the text they need.

Like Jasper, Rytr also lets you choose a tone of voice for writing. The 20 tones available and based on the human language are beneficial for emotionally connecting with your readers. If you add the appropriate moods to your narrative, the story will be more gripping to follow.

Writesonic is another AI story generator that can help you develop your story. Create long-form stories, blogs, and articles using the AI article writer. You can also use it to paraphrase, expand, or shorten your sentences to write in different rhythms.

Writesonic is also useful when you’re running out of ideas for your story or campaigns. You can use the templates for blog writing, ad copywriting, LinkedIn posts, or YouTube ideas.


  • Website content
  • Long-form writing assistant
  • Content paraphraser and summarizer
  • Sentence expander
  • Facebook ads
  • AI article intros
  • AI photo generator
  • Quora answers
  • Product Description and landing page


  • Free Version – You can use this version to have 2,500 words credited monthly. You also gain access to 70+ templates, two languages, Sonic Editor (like Google Docs), and an AI article writer.
  • Short Form ($10 per month) – It’s ideal for writers who want to generate short-form copy. The word credit starts at 12,000. Although it has more word credits, it doesn’t give you access to Sonic Editor and AI article writer.
  • Long Form ($13 per month) – This includes 19,000-word credits which you can increase for an additional cost. Using this plan will let you access all the tools. It’s a practical choice for bloggers, ebook writers, and other writers.

Our Verdict:

Writesonic proves that it’s a powerful tool that can offer 80+ use cases. Aside from the social media copy, blogs, and articles, you can also generate new ideas for products and Quora answers. Creative storytellers can use the paraphrasing tool and sentence expanders to prevent writer’s block.

The AI Article Writer and Sonic Editor are only available in Free and Long-form plans. However, the difference between the short-form and long-form plans is only $3. You can also use this AI writer for free.

If you’re looking for plot generators for fictional works, Jasper and Rytr have a dedicated story generator for creative writing.

Using Word Hero can improve your story and word flow drastically. This AI story generator suggests synonyms while writing to avoid commonly-used words from your draft.

Enter a few keywords to let the AI story generator know what kind of short story, creative writing, or content you want to generate. If you’re unsatisfied with the results, use the Editor Mode to make the editing process faster.


  • Write in 108 languages
  • Long-form editor
  • Create email and subject lines
  • Blog headline, intro, and outline generator
  • SEO Keyword assistant
  • 24/7 priority support


Generate unlimited content and access all the writing tools for both plans.

  • Annual plan ($349 yearly or $29/month)
  • Monthly plan ($49/month)

Our Verdict:

Word Hero’s pricing plan will give you access to their writing and editing tools. You may find data about your topic and generate text depending on your preferences with a single click. This saves you time when writing and researching.

The disadvantage of this tool is it lacks a grammar checker, unlike Jasper and Rytr.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is an AI Story Generator?

AI story generators aid in the writing process while preserving a human-sounding language. Writers can use various tools included in the generators, like AI research, AI writing, sentence paraphrasers, grammar checkers, and sentence expanders.

How Does an AI Story Generator Aid Creative Writers?

The AI story generator will produce a tale based on existing stories it can find online. It’s easier and faster to move your plot using this tool. You can also catch your mistakes and rewrite your sentences to make them more engaging to the readers.

AI story generators are helpful for short story writers, fiction authors, and novice writers. For example, you can add a prompt about a time traveler who uses a magical book to traverse different timelines.

Some AI like Jasper and Rytr have a specific tool for generating stories by adding the plot details. These tools also can add a tone of voice or keywords related to your story’s context.

How Do AI Story Generators Help Content Writers?

AI story generators help write blogs, articles, product descriptions, and other content or copywriting tasks.

When you input data into an AI generator, the AI machine analyzes and constructs content via machine learning techniques. It will search across thousands of online data sources to uncover fresh concepts for your material. AI story generators utilize natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG) to create human-sounding text.

Write Your Story With AI

What do you think of these AI story generators? Hopefully, you found the right AI story generator for your writing needs!

Improve your writing outcomes using AI story generators. Expand your stories, improve your plot, correct grammar, and speed up your writing process. In the end, you want your words to resonate with readers, whether you’re writing a short tale, a fictional novel, or a marketing copy,

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