This Trump Impeachment Crusader Just Jumped Into the California Senate Race!

Adam Schiff arrives at the 2nd Annual Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Gala presented by Rolex held at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on October 15, 2022 in Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency)

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, who became famous as the chief prosecutor in President Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial, announced Thursday that he will run for Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat. The 89-year-old veteran, who has been the senior senator since 1982, has not yet clarified if she will run for another term.

Schiff, a veteran federal prosecutor, said he would base his campaign on his status as Trump’s primary congressional opponent. In his campaign announcement video, he called his role as an impeachment manager the ‘greatest job of his life’ and promised that he would be ‘a fighter’.

“We’re in the fight of our lives for the future of our country. Our democracy is under assault from MAGA extremists, who care only about gaining power and keeping it. And our economy is simply not working for millions of Americans, who are working harder than ever just to get by,” Schiff said in a statement. “And at this moment, we need a fighter for our democracy and our families, which is why I’m launching my campaign to be the next U.S. Senator for California.”

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Referring to Trump, who has announced his decision to run for president in 2024, Schiff said, “If our democracy isn’t delivering for Americans, they’ll look for alternatives, like a dangerous demagogue who promises that he alone can fix it.”

Schiff, who served as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee during the previous Congress, has joined Democrat Rep. Katie Porter in the running for the position.

Katie Porter is the first Democrat to be elected to represent the 45th Congressional District, which encompasses a significant chunk of south-central Orange County, including Irvine, Tustin, and Lake Forest, as well as significant portions of Anaheim and Laguna Niguel. Rep. Barbara Lee, another Democrat, has announced her intention to run for the senate seat as well.

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Meanwhile, Feinstein said on record that she would decide in the next two months if she will run for the Senate. Her husband’s death from cancer a year ago seems to be a stumbling block for her to decide right away.

The first female senator of California is credited with breaking gender barriers through her long and respected career in local and national politics. Though she has demonstrated time and again of her ability to represent her state of 40 million people, there are growing concerns about her mental and cognitive health.

Schiff said in an interview on Thursday, January 26, that she had spoken to Feinstein a day earlier and had apprised her about his plans. He said, “I want to make sure that everything I did was respectful of her and that I did so with her knowledge and her blessing.”

California has a jungle primary system, where candidates from all parties compete in a primary, and the top two advance to the general election.

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