When a Romantic Getaway Turns into a Crowd-Pleaser – A Proposal’s Rocky Road

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Romantic getaways are often filled with anticipation, excitement, and love. But what happens when the meticulously planned trip for a fifth-anniversary celebration takes an unexpected turn, leaving the one who planned it all facing a dilemma that sparks a firestorm of opinions online?

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The Romantic Getaway Plan

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The story began with the original poster (OP) and his girlfriend, a couple who had been together for five years. OP was eager to commemorate their relationship’s milestone and decided to plan a surprise getaway.

For several months, OP put his heart and soul into crafting the perfect vacation, which included skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities in the picturesque setting of Colorado. What’s more, OP had a secret plan in the works: a marriage proposal, which would be the grand finale of the trip.

A Twist of Unexpected Guests

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Five days before the anticipated departure, OP’s girlfriend dropped a bombshell that would disrupt the trip’s idyllic plans. She revealed that she had invited two of her friends to join them on the vacation.

For OP, this unexpected twist was a shock to the system. The vacation was intended to be a private and romantic celebration for the couple. But OP’s girlfriend had other ideas in mind. What followed were days filled with tension and disappointment. Despite expressing concerns about the change in plans, the girlfriend insisted that her friends were already committed to the trip and could not back out.

A Trip Gone Wrong

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During the trip, it became apparent that OP’s girlfriend was more interested in spending time with her friends than in nurturing the romantic connection that OP had hoped to celebrate. Any attempts to secure some private time for the couple were rebuffed as the girlfriend prioritized group activities with her friends.

After three days of feeling like a third wheel in his own planned romantic escape, OP made a heart-wrenching decision. OP chose to leave the trip and head back home, abandoning the vacation he had longed for. The reason behind this dramatic choice was rooted in his desire for an intimate and meaningful proposal, which seemed impossible to achieve under the circumstances.

Unraveling Of A Relationship

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Upon revealing his decision to his girlfriend, emotions ran high. OP’s girlfriend was upset, but what transpired next was even more unexpected. The girlfriend shared OP’s decision with her friends, who subsequently criticized OP, painting him as the antagonist in this unfolding drama.

In the eyes of OP’s girlfriend and her friends, OP was unfairly forcing his girlfriend to choose between them and their relationship. It was a situation that put a strain on the relationship’s dynamics and tested the couple’s love.

Perplexed, OP questioned whether he was in the wrong for leaving a vacation he had meticulously planned.

Online Opinions

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Primary-Space, a social media user, raised a red flag about the nature of the girlfriend’s actions.

“May want to reconsider proposing to her. Do you really want to marry someone who will mess up travel plans and possibly other activities just because she wants to, without taking into account how you feel about the whole thing?”

Stroppo commended OP for his decision to leave the trip early.

“I’d have been upset too. You planned this for the two of you, and she didn’t even ask if her friends could come, she told you they were coming. Good for you for leaving early. If you weren’t having a good time, why shouldn’t you leave?”

More Comments Pour In

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Ed_lv took a more direct approach, stating that the relationship seemed beyond repair after such a breach of trust. They also mentioned reconsidering the proposal, which was a recurring theme. It’s clear that this incident has thrown a wrench into what was supposed to be a beautiful memory.

Lastly, Bengallover16 questioned the intent of the girlfriend and pointed out the irrelevance of the proposal plan.

“Who invites their friends on a 5 year anniversary trip with their partner??? It’s irrelevant that she didn’t know you had plans to propose.”

The Verdict

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From OP’s story and the views of the commenters, it becomes clear that OP had a reasonable expectation of an intimate and romantic fifth-anniversary getaway. The last-minute addition of OP’s girlfriend’s friends disrupted the carefully planned trip, casting doubt on the commitment to the relationship and the proposal.

While the decision to leave the trip was drastic, it was a response to feeling sidelined and misunderstood. The subsequent fallout, with OP’s girlfriend and her friends condemning OP, reflects a lack of understanding and respect for his feelings.

The consensus among commenters suggests that the relationship is in jeopardy, and serious communication and trust issues need addressing before any proposal can move forward.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Do you think the OP from this social media post was wrong?

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